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In severe cases, it may even produce anorexia. If vitamin B1 is lacking, the baby will lose appetite, indigestion and growth retardation. If vitamin B2 is lacking, May cause keratitis, whitening at the corners of the mouth, erosion, dry lips and so on(sugarbearhair wholesale). Infants less than 6 months after birth, such as lack of vitamin B6 in feeding food, can show nervousness, increased excitement and frequent systemic convulsions, leading to depression, dull sleep mental retardation, vibration and positional consciousness disappear.

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In infancy, the main symptoms of vitamin B6 deficiency are systemic convulsions, and other manifestations of peripheral neuritis. Lack of vitamin B12, pale skin, hair becomes yellow, lack of energy, poor appetite, vomiting and diarrhea, and even cause megaloblastic anemia(sugarbearhair retailers). Food Sources Vitamin B1 Main food sources: brown rice, wheat bran, millet, beans, mung beans, peanuts, milk, poultry; vitamin B2 main food sources: pork liver, lean meat, egg yolk, soybean, millet and rice bran, spinach and green leafy vegetables .

In the absence of it, it will cause poor appetite, which will aggravate the child's picky eating eclipse, causing a vicious circle. Vitamin B3 main food sources: liver, kidney, egg, chicken and duck, peanuts, green leafy vegetables(sugarbearhair wholesale price); vitamin B5 main food sources: liver, lean meat, milk, soybeans, yeast, rice bran; vitamin B6 main food sources: liver, eggs, Lean meat, bananas, nuts, green leafy vegetables, brown rice; vitamin B9 main food sources: liver, kidney, poultry and eggs, walnuts, chestnuts; vitamin B12 main food sources: liver, kidney, meat, eggs, fish, milk .

It is well known that vitamin A and vitamin D are important fat-soluble vitamins required for the growth and development of children. At present, in addition to the normal diet, infants and young children need extra vitamin D every day, and a consensus has been reached, which is accepted by most parents(sugarbearhair cheap). The question of whether or not vitamin A supplementation is needed seems to have been controversial. Many parents have chosen a simple vitamin D preparation for fear of excessive vitamin A poisoning.

China has only begun to pay attention to vitamin D deficiency rickets since the 1950s. The rickets are the same as vitamin A deficiency, and they are both nutrient-deficient diseases. Moreover, the level of science and technology at that time was still very backward. It was not easy to produce a large amount of oral preparations of vitamin A or vitamin D(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). The cod liver oil was widely promoted to prevent rickets because of its convenient materials, simple process and cost saving.

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