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In the 21st century, European and American nutrition experts have studied and investigated that vitamin A deficiency is extremely rare for children in developed countries, and it is not necessary to carry out large-scale prevention and control work(sugar bear hair manufacturer). Whether this proposal is applicable to China has been controversial. Although typical vitamin A deficiency is rare, subclinical deficiency is still very common. For infants with fast growth and high vitamin A demand, daily small dose prevention is still necessary.

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In 2000, China’s first national survey found that pre-school children had a vitamin A deficiency of 11.7% and marginal vitamin A deficiency of 39.2%(sugar bear hair stockists). Some people also think that vitamin D drops are adequate for preventing and treating sputum pathology, because infants and young children of small months cannot obtain the required amount of vitamin D by receiving sufficient sunlight, and vitamin D contained in milk is insufficient, but vitamin A is in milk. It is rich in content and does not need to be converted by daylight.

In the last two years, with the deepening of vitamin A and vitamin D research, it is known that vitamin D can prevent rickets (mainly manifesting nervous and skeletal symptoms), and there are many biological activities that benefit people: including the hematopoietic system(cheap sugar bear hair). The circulatory system, the digestive system, the immune system... and thousands of related genetic loci have also been discovered. The understanding of vitamin A is no longer limited to traditional prevention of night blindness, keratosis of the skin, growth and development disorders.

Has been extended to the immune system, digestion and respiratory system, the impact on the synthesis of glucocorticoids, sex hormones, prevention and treatment of anemia(sugar bear hair private label), participation in bone metabolism, affecting reproduction... Among them, the role of the respiratory system and the digestive system is especially valued because of the respiratory system in children The disease is the most common disease in childhood, and the subclinical deficiency of vitamin A is closely related to repeated respiratory infections.

Some people think that China is still a developing country. Vitamin A can promote the synthesis of glycoproteins in the respiratory and digestive tract epithelial cells and maintain the integrity of epithelial cells(sugar bear hair usa). In addition to the barrier effect of the epithelium on these sites, vitamin A deficiency is also associated with local immune and systemic immune function changes. There are many children in the western, remote mountainous areas, rural areas and younger ages.

In vitro culture: The function and quantity of macrophages, neutrophils, NK cells, T and B cells are regulated by vitamin A and its metabolites. Humoral immune function: promote B cell differentiation and action, and participate in antibody synthesis(sugar bear hair wholesale price). Cellular immunity: affects the differentiation and function of T cell subsets, preventing programmed cell death and apoptosis. Lack of interference with the body's immune function by down-regulating the expression of retinoic acid receptors in immune cells.

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