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The synthesis of immunoglobulins is accomplished by promoting the differentiation of B cells into plasma cells in a dose-dependent manner(sugarbearhair europe). Retinoic acid increased IGg synthesis in peripheral B cells and had no effect on igA and igm. It has a promoting effect on the synthesis of IgG, A and M in glandular B cells. Non-specific immunity: affects the proliferation and differentiation of epithelial cells. The damage of non-specific immune function is mainly due to the impaired integrity of mucosal epithelial cells.

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Vitamin A supplementation can reduce the risk of death in children aged 6-59 months by 23-30%. The integrity of respiratory and digestive tract mucosa is destroyed, and pathogens are easily invaded(sugar bear hair stockists). The incidence of vitamin A deficiency in children with respiratory tract infection is twice that of normal children, and 17.8% of children with pneumonia have vitamin A deficiency. The consumption of vitamin A in children under 5 years old is increased, the absorption function is decreased, and the anti-infective ability is weakened, resulting in repeated respiratory infections.

Close to asthma patients. Forty healthy children aged 2-3 years were given 10,000 units and placebo for 3 months every other day. The number of respiratory infections in the first half of the year was observed(sugar bear hair cheap). The effective rate of the treatment group was 95.2%, and the level of secretory IGA in the saliva returned to normal. In the absence of a large number of intestinal mucosal goblet cells, intestinal epithelial deformation of the pancreatic duct epithelial metaplasia, can not be keratinized.

Repeated respiratory infection in 64 experimental groups and control group in 58 cases, vitamin A determination, peripheral blood cell subsets, lymphocyte in vitro proliferation assay(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale), monocyte cytokine determination, immunoglobulin determination, concluded: VA significantly decreased in the respiratory tract infection group, Immune disorder, CD4 reduction, cell activation, decreased value in vitro, decreased secretion of IFN and IL2, and decreased TH1 cell function. IL4, 10 and other cytokines increase, which enhances TH2 cell function.

The serum IgG 5.27-3.51 in the RRI group was lower than the control group 7.35-3.23 g/L. (China Children's Health Magazine 2010). The results of the sub-clinical study of vitamin A in the Institute of Pediatrics: Some unexplained recurrent infectious diseases are closely related to vitamin A deficiency(sugar bear hair wholesale). Mild deficiency can also impair the body's immunoglobulin function, increase sensitivity to infection, and reduce body resistance. 70% of children A are in a state of deficiency.

Vitamin A deficiency and diarrhea. In the 2009 survey, the prevalence of A deficiency in children with acute respiratory infections and diarrhea in the past 3 months was significantly higher than that in normal children. Diarrhea vitamin AD is 2.37 times less diarrhea(sugar bear hair wholesale price). Vitamin A has little effect on the incidence of diarrhea, but it reduces the severity of diarrhea and reduces the mortality caused by diarrhea and various causes. Vitamin AD is an independent factor in persistent diarrhea.

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