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It has a positive effect on the administration of vitamin A to measles patients and a clear protective effect against measles pneumonia(sugarbearhair retailers). The world's 38 vitamin A deficiency countries 35 have implemented large doses of regular supplements. In 40 subclinical countries in the world, 27 children have been regularly given vitamin A supplementation, measles mortality has been reduced by more than half, and the incidence and deaths of acute respiratory infections and diarrhoea have decreased.

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Then, we will pay attention to the question of whether vitamin A is easily poisoned: Acute poisoning: It is a one-time or short-term continuous intake of super-dose vitamin A. To achieve the dose that causes acute poisoning, you need to ingest or inject 300,000 units of vitamin A in one time(sugarbearhair europe). This requires 200 tablets of green gourd to be used at one time to achieve this effect! Chronic vitamin A poisoning: due to long-term high intake Caused by a vitamin A preparation.

There are two kinds of vitamin A: Vitamin A is added at the time of inoculation to promote antibody production and prolong the duration. In summary, vitamin A, like vitamin D, is essential for human health, especially in infants and young children(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). It is in great demand, but it cannot be adequately consumed through food. It plays a hormone-like role in cell differentiation of whole body tissues and organs. 

Infants and young children consume 50,000-100,000 units a day for more than 6 months to cause chronic poisoning. It has also been reported that only 25,000 units are taken every day, and symptoms of poisoning appear one month after continuous use(sugarbearhair cheap). In this way, if there is no misconception, there is no risk of vitamin A poisoning at the normal dose. Misconduct is caused by improper family supervision and has nothing to do with the drug itself.

It is recommended to take a vitamin AD preparation daily (A: D = 3:1 is most suitable) until two years old. For the prevention of vitamin A deficiency, for 6,000 months or less, 6-11 months, and >1 year old, 50,000, 100,000, and 200,000 units are recommended for administration every 4-6 months(sugarbearhair wholesale). Compared with the recommended measures to give oral vitamin A every six months, it is recommended that the national policy is not static.

And did not find any obvious consequences caused by vitamin A deficiency, long-term addition of 1500 units of vitamin A to a baby who is not lacking vitamin A should worry about the risk of accumulation of poisoning, even if it is not poisoned(sugarbearhair wholesale price). Lack of it can lead to the inhibition of glycoprotein biological activity, mucin secretion, and the mucus secreting cells in multiple epithelial tissues are replaced by keratin-producing cells, which changes the normal structure of the epithelium.

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