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Vitamin K poisoning, vitamin K is associated with blood clotting, maintaining healthy bones and recovering damaged bones. A dose of 4 grams will cause uric aciduria(sugarbearhair wholesale). It is recommended that the daily intake is 60 to 65 micrograms for adult women and 70 to 80 micrograms for males. The US Food and Drug Administration recommends a daily requirement for vitamin K of approximately 1 microgram per kilogram of body weight. Excessive vitamin K can cause cancer and eruption in the body.

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Taking 1 gram of vitamin C per day is prone to diarrhea. Pregnant women taking large doses of vitamin K can cause neonatal jaundice. Taking a multivitamin with a high amount of vitamin K also affects the effect of oral anticoagulants(sugarbearhair wholesale price). Due to the improvement of living conditions, the concept of modern people's health is very strong, and they often choose to eat a variety of vitamins to supplement their body needs. But you know that vitamins can't be eaten indiscriminately, otherwise it will be very harmful.(cheap sugar bear hair vitamins australia)

The following small series asks you to explain in detail the dangers of excessive vitamin intake, the symptoms of vitamin deficiency and some misunderstandings of vitamin supplement(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). The body is in a sub-health state, and the requirements for quality of life cannot be relaxed. Under the influence of two factors, vitamin supplementation has become a compulsory course for many people. The idea that “vitamin supplement is to eat fruits and vegetables” and “doesn’t make up for vitamins is very bad” is very common.

(cheap sugar bear hair vitamins australia)Although the vitamins are good, the excess will also cause harm to the human body, indiscriminate vitamin supplements, and even cause poisoning! Vitamin C poisoning Some people advocate long-term use of large doses of vitamin C to prevent colds and cancer, and lower blood fat, but should prevent excessive poisoning(cheap sugar bear hair vitamins australia). Long-term high-dose administration will cause some patients to form urinary oxalate stones and make 6-phosphate glucose dehydrogenase (G-6-- PD) Hemolysis occurs in patients with deficiencies.

Pregnant women taking large doses of vitamin C can cause scurvy in infants. Taking large doses of vitamin C also reduces the effectiveness of oral anticoagulants. The above is the serious consequences of over-compensating different vitamins(sugarbearhair retailers). This reminds us that although vitamins are essential nutrients for our body, we must make up the amount of vitamins. Don’t think that the more the better. . Male scrotum is itchy, red, swollen, oozing, scarring and painful.

Female genital itching, inflammation, increased vaginal discharge. Secondary anemia: a series of manifestations of iron deficiency anemia. Vitamin B6 and vitamin B6 deficiency, vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, is a water-soluble vitamin, and serious clinical deficiencies are rare(sugarbearhair europe). Susceptible population: Adults and young children may be sick because of insufficient vitamin B6 intake. Clinical manifestations of adult vitamin B6 deficiency, manifested as seborrheic dermatitis around the eyes, nose and mouth.

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