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Then extended to the face, forehead, behind the ears, scrotum and perineum and other parts. Pigmentation in the neck, forearms and knees; cleft lip, glossitis and oral inflammation; impatience, depression, expressionlessness, lethargy, muscle atrophy, weight loss(sugarbearhair cheap). Vitamin B6 deficiency in young children, irritability, muscle twitching and convulsions; vomiting, abdominal pain, and weight loss. Long-term vitamin B6 deficiency in infants can also cause weight loss to stop growing and hypohemoglobinemia.

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Many people who have been supplementing vitamins have been doing it now. Some eat more foods containing vitamins, while others eat vitamin tablets. However, many people still lack certain vitamins. The following small series will introduce you to you. The symptoms of vitamin deficiency are lacking(sugar bear hair manufacturer)! Vitamin A deficiency is predisposed to people: preschool children. Clinical manifestations of vitamin A deficiency Skin symptoms: dry skin, desquamation, rough, followed by papules, occur in the lateral and lateral extremities of the upper arm, shoulders, buttocks, back and back neck.

Because the airway epithelium is keratinized, the trachea and bronchus are susceptible to infection, and young children can also cause bronchial pneumonia. Eye performance: It is often manifested as a decrease in dark adaptation ability, that is, when a sudden entry from a bright environment into a dark place, the human eye sees the time of the dark object extended(sugar bear hair usa). In severe cases, it is impossible to see objects in the dark, and it becomes a night blindness, commonly known as "the eye of the eye." Severe vitamin A deficiency can also cause dry eye disease, which is characterized by dry conjunctiva, children with conjunctival wrinkles, thickening of conjunctival hyperplasia.

Sometimes the outer side of the cornea and the eyeball form a triangle or a circular or elliptical spot with the bottom edge inward. The color is grayish white or silvery white, which is like a small soap bubble. It cannot be wiped off. spot". Conjunctiva and corneal luster are reduced, tear secretion is reduced, or tear is not secreted(sugar bear hair wholesale price). More serious can cause corneal ulcers, perforation, and even complete blindness. Vitamin B1 deficiency - beriberi vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, long-term lack can cause beriberi.

Susceptible population: long-term white rice as the main food, but also lack of other non-staple food supplement; infant-type beriberi usually occurs in infants 2 to 5 months(sugar bear hair stockists). Clinical manifestations of beriberi. Dry beriberi: loss of appetite, irritability, general weakness, heavy lower limbs, numbness at the extremities. Muscle soreness, tenderness, the most obvious gastrocnemius muscle of the calf, muscle weakness of the upper and lower limbs, hand and foot sag, severe muscle atrophy, numbness, knee reflex reduced or disappeared, often expressed as symmetry.

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