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Wet beriberi: manifested as edema, more common in athlete's foot, severe edema of the lower extremities. At the same time, after the activity, palpitations, shortness of breath, and enlargement of the right ventricle can often lead to heart failure(sugar bear hair wholesale). Infants with beriberi (brain type): poor appetite, vomiting, shortness of breath, pale, rapid heart rate and even sudden death. Vitamin B2 and vitamin B2 deficiency, vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, is the most easily deficient vitamin in the diet of Chinese residents.

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Susceptible population; people of all ages are prone to various diseases due to lack of it. Clinical manifestations of angular cheilitis: wet mouth, cracked mouth, bleeding, erosion, scarring(sugar bear hair wholesale price). Glossitis: swelling of the tongue, cracks, pain, atrophy, thick tongue coating, partial shedding to form a map. Cheilitis: dry, cracked, swollen, bleeding, ulcers. Ocular inflammation: blurred vision, fear of light, tearing, loss of vision, eye fatigue, corneal congestion.

Infants can also cause hoarseness and loss of sound. Skin symptoms: causing seborrheic dermatitis, mostly on the sides of the nose, cheeks, forehead and between the two eyebrows(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). One of the characteristics of vitamins is exogenous, the body itself can not be synthesized (vitamin D can be synthesized in small amounts, but because it is more important, it is still used as an essential vitamin), it needs to be supplemented by food. Calcium is the basic element that makes up bones and teeth. 

Children who like to eat fried food. Children who like to eat fried foods are well known. Summer popcorn and the like are all children's favorites. However, some vitamins are extremely vulnerable to damage(sugar bear hair cheap). Excessive cooking, repeated heating, and long-term exposure can lead to a large loss of vitamins in food, making children unable to consume enough vitamins. Vitamin C is such a kind. The lack of children will weaken the resistance and easily lead to diseases such as colds and colds.

Therefore, vitamins are important substances for maintaining and regulating the normal metabolism of the body. If the normal metabolism of his body is affected and the protein supply against bacterial invasion is not available, the virus is more likely to invade. Children with partial eclipse habits(sugarbearhair europe). Partial eclipse is basically a problem for every child. For example, some children do not like to eat vegetables, and vegetables are just one of the main sources of vitamins needed by the human body.

Insufficient vitamin C also affects the synthesis of collagen, causing poor healing, bleeding gums, and poor development. Accept children who are under-sunburned. It is often said that vitamin D can help the absorption of calcium because it regulates the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus in the body and can prevent the occurrence of rickets(sugarbearhair retailers). The skin can synthesize vitamin D under the action of ultraviolet rays in the sun. Therefore, children who receive insufficient sunlight must also be supplemented with vitamin D.

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