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Children who have frequent colds and sickness(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). If your child's physical resistance is obviously weaker than other children, the reason for this is probably because his body lacks a certain vitamin. The human body is like an extremely complex chemical plant, constantly carrying out various biochemical reactions. The reaction is closely related to the catalytic action of the enzyme. Enzymes must be enzymatically active in order to produce activity.

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Long-term meals are irregular and cannot guarantee three meals a day. Eating habits are not fixed and are a problem that almost every child has. When adults eat, you can't force your child to eat with you(sugarbearhair wholesale). You can only feed when you have time, or when you want to. Most of the vitamins necessary for the human body are derived from daily food. If the daily food does not provide enough vitamins for the body, the health of his body is bound to be affected.

The food with the most vitamin A, the first is the animal liver, the second is carrot, followed by butter, squid, milk, leeks, oranges and so on. The food with the most vitamin B, the first is wheat germ, the second is the bran-containing grain (whole grain), followed by animal liver, yogurt, beans, lean meat and so on(sugarbearhair europe). The food with the most vitamin C, the first is kiwi, the second is red dates, followed by green pepper, strawberry, grapefruit, citrus, watermelon, green leafy vegetables.

The food with the most vitamin D, the first is cod liver oil, the second is deep sea fish, the animal liver ranks third. The food containing the most vitamin E, the first is the animal liver, the second is the wheat germ, followed by sesame oil, safflower oil, maltose, sweet potato, lettuce and so on(sugarbearhair wholesale price). The foods containing the most vitamin K include rapeseed, spinach, lettuce, alfalfa and other green leafy and rhizome vegetables. Many vitamins are known to be coenzymes of enzymes or constituent molecules of coenzymes.

What vitamins does the baby lack? One minute to know! In the survey of 5,000 0-6 baby, almost every baby lacks at least one nutrient(sugarbearhair cheap)! 27% lacks a nutrient 32% lacks more than one nutrient 41% suspected Lack of nutrients, the five nutrients are most likely to be lacking - calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin C, B vitamins lack nutrients for one minute self-test calcium deficiency: sleep sweating, pillow baldness; often suddenly wake up at night, crying more than; teething late , the door closing delay.

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