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Iron deficiency: iron deficiency is anemia, the baby will appear not to love activities, bad spirits, poor appetite, pale face, inattention, slow response, easy diarrhea and other symptoms(sugar bear hair usa). Zinc deficiency: loss of appetite, slow growth and development, low immunity, frequent colds and fever, repeated respiratory infections, map tongue, hyperactivity, slow response. Vitamin C deficiency: bleeding gums, bleeding in other parts of the body, easy to catch cold, poor wound healing. Easy to get irritated and slow weight gain.

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The complexion is white and the appetite is not good. The hair is dry and easy to break. Vitamin B2 deficiency: keratitis, whitening and erosing at the corners of the mouth, dry lips, enlarged tongue and red tongue, enlarged cornea and fear of light, easy to irritate in skin wrinkles such as scrotal inflammation, perineal inflammation, severe cases can cause Growth retardation(sugar bear hair manufacturer). Vitamin A deficiency: dry skin, desquamation, rough, and the trachea and bronchus are susceptible to infection.

Vitamins are essential for the body. If children are deficient in vitamins, they will show some abnormal symptoms. As we all know, there are many kinds of vitamins, and the symptoms of different vitamin deficiency are different. So, what are the symptoms of vitamin deficiency in children? Here are five symptoms of vitamin deficiency(oem sugar bear hair vitamins). The rich vitamins in natural foods are the most healthy source of physical vitality for young children. Dark adaptation ability is reduced, and severe cases become night blindness.

Therefore, children who are growing up and developing should take more of these vitamins in order to grow up healthily. Vitamin A is known as the "guardian of the eye" and is of great help to the development of eyesight in young children. In addition, the growth of children's teeth, bones, and hair also requires the help of vitamin A(cheap sugar bear hair); and the normal operation of cells, vitamin A is even more important. Food sources: cod liver oil, animal liver, eggs, dairy products, carrots, papaya, yellow fruits, yellow-green vegetables, etc.

Vitamin B group plays an important role in the body's nerve function, and the most special for children is vitamin B2. Vitamin B2 is called "growth of vitamins". If the vitamin B2 is insufficient in the body, it may cause frustration in the growth and development of young children, leading to stunting(sugar bear hair stockists). Therefore, vitamin B2 is particularly important for the growth and development of young children. Food sources: meat, tofu, edamame, yeast, whole wheat, brown rice, milk, spinach, green leafy vegetables, nuts, sesame and so on.

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