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Vitamin C promotes the absorption of iron and activates the connection between cells and cells(sugar bear hair wholesale). In addition, another special function is to promote the synthesis of human collagen, which is a component of human teeth, bones, tissue cells, etc., and vitamin C plays an important role in assisting the formation of collagen. Food sources: lemon, citrus, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, strawberries, green leafy vegetables, etc. 

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Vitamin D is an important substance that helps calcium and phosphorus be absorbed and utilized by the body. In the absence of vitamin D, young children are prone to fractures, spinal curvature, and even O-legs(sugar bear hair cheap). Therefore, in addition to adequate intake of vitamin D, moderate sun exposure to the sun, absorption of sunlight to synthesize vitamin D, is also a good source of children. Food sources: milk, sardines, squid, squid, dried fish, egg yolk, mushrooms, etc.

Because some children have the habit of picky eaters or partial eclipse, they refuse to eat when they don't like the taste of certain foods. Some children like to eat snacks or drink too much beverages(sugarbearhair europe). If they don't like to eat vegetables and fruits, they need to add vitamins every day. Otherwise, when vitamins are deficient, it will cause physical weakness, poor resistance, easy to get sick, and even affect the growth and development of children.

According to the dietary nutrient intake requirements of Chinese residents, 0-4 years old babies need to consume 300-350 ug (micrograms) of vitamin A and 10 ug of vitamin D(sugar bear hair wholesale price). Porridge, also known as rice soup, contains fat oxidase, which can dissolve and destroy fat-soluble vitamins, leading to the loss of vitamin D. Therefore, it is especially important for the growth of children's bones. 

At the same time, the upper limit of vitamin A and D intake is set, which is about twice the value required. Therefore, the baby should consume more than 300 ug of VA and 10 ug of VD a day, but it is best not to exceed 600-700ug VA and 20ug VD(sugarbearhair retailers). Vitamin A: Avoid alcohol when taking vitamin A. The main function of vitamin A is to convert retinol to retinal, which inhibits the production of retinal during metabolism. Vitamin D: Avoid porridge when taking vitamin D.

B vitamins: cockroaches and fish contain a thiamine substance that can destroy vitamin B1, so fish and cockroaches should not be eaten when taking vitamin B1. High-fiber foods can increase bowel movements and speed up the passage of intestinal contents, thereby reducing the absorption rate of vitamin B2(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale); taking boron-containing foods when taking vitamin B6, the boron in food and the digestive phase in the human body If combined with vitamin B6, a complex will form.

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