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Another reason is that vitamin C can be poisoned when taken in large quantities(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). Because of the high concentration of medicinal vitamin C, one piece is concentrated with 100 mg of vitamin C, so the teller may feel that it is not safe to eat directly. But in general, only take more than 5g of vitamin C, that is, 5000mg, that is, 50 tablets of that kind of medicinal vitamin C tablets will be poisoned, who has nothing to eat so many vitamin C tablets..... 

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(sugar bear hair company indonesia)As for health care products vitamins C, a piece does not necessarily have 80mg, and health care products are so expensive, they are reluctant to eat a few more at once...(gummy bear hair vitamins uk) So if this thing is eaten directly, it can be said that it will be sour. The price is also very large, ranging from 19.9-118, which is not my vitamin C for two dollars. H is easier to separate from O and hydrolyze. 

Therefore, it is necessary to take extra vitamin C supplements, at least to make your body more energetic. It is precisely because of this reason that the health care products market has begun to make a big fuss, and vitamin C supplements are mixed(sugarbearhair cheap). Keep an eye out for effervescent tablets, chewable tablets, pills, and even vitamin C in the form of soft candy.

(sugar bear hair company indonesia)When the price of the same thing fluctuates greatly, there must be a lot of articles in it. First of all, this kind of medicine is definitely not good. The same is true for vitamin C(sugarbearhair wholesale). It is also called ascorbic acid. Looking at the molecular structure of VC, it has four hydroxyl groups linked to carbon. The covalent bond between CO is tight and not easy to break. The higher the concentration of H ions in the solution, the more acidic it is.

Then the acid is so hard to swallow that it can still produce chewable tablets, or orange-flavored, and it tastes like sugar, and it is delicious(sugar bear hair vitamins price). Take a look at the ingredients list of a vitamin C chewable tablet - in addition to the main vitamin C, there are maltodextrin, orange flavor, silica, lemon yellow and other additives that make it chew. That is to say, in the case of nearly one hundred pieces, these additives account for about 80%.(sugar bear hair company indonesia)

However, this is also relatively conscience, although the price is a bit expensive, but it still contains 100mg of vitamin C, and the content of pure vitamin C tablets. (Although at least five times the size of pure vitamin C tablets) As for this so-called vitamin C soft candy, it is really a can of sugar, only 78mg of vitamin C per 100g(sugarbearhair wholesale price). This 100g has dozens of sugar, not as good as a small piece of 3g vitamin C tablets containing more vitamins.

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