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In short, vitamin C is a good thing, even if you are not sick, it is helpful to add more(sugar bear hair usa). The recommended daily intake of vitamin C in the country of vitamin C is only 60 mg, which is just the amount of an orange. The optimal daily intake ODA is 2000mg, which is 1800mg, which is enough to determine the very different health levels of two people. For optimal health, RDA is not enough, and the ODA we need is often ten times higher than RDA. 

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(buy blue sugar bear hair london)Applicable people: computer family, salesman and infants with insufficient breast milk. But if you buy a very expensive and add a bunch of pigments and vitamins C, add a little bit of vitamin C and eat a lot of additives, it will not be worth the loss(cheap sugar bear hair). So what is the difference between 98 yuan of vitamin C and two dollars of one bottle of vitamin C? The same thing, where is the gap?

Brief summary: First of all, the pigment, gel, white sugar, starch and other additives have nothing to do with health, followed by an IQ tax of 96 dollars(sugar bear hair gummy vitamins). Used to supplement vitamin C - 50-100mg a day. I usually eat one tablet a day. Sometimes I forget to eat it. If I have a mouth ulcer, I will eat two tablets until I am cured. For the treatment of vitamin C deficiency - 300-600mg a day. This situation is rare.

(buy blue sugar bear hair london)But it helps you stay healthy and healthy(sugar bear hair stockists). Usually eat more fruits and vegetables is the best, vitamin synergy is better, a single supplement of a certain vitamin can not maximize the nutritional value, usually pay attention to nutrient balanced diet, body function can play the best, so eat well what! Since 2000mg is equivalent to 22 oranges, the average person obviously cannot eat so many oranges a day.

Vitamin A supplementation signal: poor adaptability to dark environments, dry cornea, dry hair, or frequent infant milking, decreased anti-infective capacity, and recurrent respiratory infections and diarrhea(sugar bear hair manufacturer). Expert analysis: staring at the computer screen for a long time, or excessive stress can easily lead to excessive signal of vitamin A deficiency: rash, itching, anorexia, bone pain, headache, vomiting.

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