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There is a problem every day, the little friend is asking, is that how to make up the baby's calcium deficiency? That is caused by vitamin D deficiency(sugar bear hair wholesale)! Vitamin A: In developed countries, the vitamin A content in breast milk is enough to meet the needs of infants within 6 months, unless the mother with vitamin A deficiency, the amount of breast milk and vitamin A can not meet The demand for pure breast milk.

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In addition, premature infants have insufficient vitamin A reserves at birth, and plasma concentrations of retinol are usually at a relatively low level in the first year of life, so premature infants may be at risk of vitamin A deficiency, infants and children with vitamin A(sugar bear hair wholesale price). Because vitamin A and vitamin D are needed for Chinese babies, many cod liver oils are simply produced together with vitamin A and vitamin D. 

In fact, basically no baby will be deficient in calcium, breast milk, milk powder is enough, then why is it that the baby will be bald and ribs(sugar bear hair cheap)?  Therefore, if the mother is well-nourished, healthy babies born in normal full-term no need to add extra vitamin A during the first 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding. The main function of vitamin D is to promote the baby's absorption of calcium.

If you are a premature baby or an infant with malabsorption, you should consult a doctor to add it. Sweet potato, spinach, carrot, pumpkin, cantaloupe, mango, broccoli, yogurt, liver and other rich in vitamin A(sugar bear hair usa). So after 6 months, the best way to replenish vitamin A is through a healthy balanced diet. Vitamin D: When the baby is born, the baby's body needs a substance called “vitamin D”. 

The most common and most recognizable symptom of deficiency is dry eye. The baby absorbs calcium to grow up and grow taller. To make a metaphor, calcium is better than flour. People can't eat flour directly; vitamin D is something that turns flour into noodles(sugar bear hair stockists). Only vitamin D can be added to the body to absorb calcium. And vitamin D, there are some in breast milk, in addition to taking the baby to get some sun.

The ingredient of vitamin D supplement is vitamin D, but its manufacturing process is generally two kinds: one is natural extraction, mainly extracted from deep-sea fish rich in vitamin D(sugar bear hair 6 months). Vitamin D supplement made by this kind of process. The agent is more expensive; one is synthetic, which is produced by yeast fermentation, and the vitamin D supplement is relatively cheap.

This is the vitamin AD mixture. Due to the level of growth and development, infants have very weak absorption of calcium in 6 months. Blind calcium supplementation within 6 months may lead to stone risk(sugarbearhair ebay). The above mentioned substances, mothers are very easy to confuse, in fact, only one of these four substances must be supplemented, that is, vitamin d, the rest are not necessary to make up!

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