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The vitamin D content in breast milk is 25 IU/liter to 7825 IU/liter, while the vitamin D of 0-12 months old infants is recommended to be 400 IU (10 micrograms) per day, and 600 IU (15 micrograms) at 1-70 years old(sugar bear hair black friday). Infants aged 0-12 months should eat 5-16 liters of breast milk to meet their needs. Obviously this is impossible, so breast-fed babies need vitamin D supplementation.

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Therefore, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that all babies and children should be given at least 400 IU of vitamin D per day, starting from the time of birth until they ingest 1000 ml of vitamin D-enriched formula or whole milk(sugarbearhair ireland). Checked a well-sold 1 formula milk formula (applicable for 0-6 months) with a vitamin D content of 9.3 μg/100 g milk powder.

In addition, natural foods containing vitamin D are very rare, and only deep-sea fish such as salmon, tuna, and squid contain more vitamin D(sugar bear hair phone number). To 108 grams of milk powder contains 10 micrograms of vitamin D (400 IU), so the calculation shows that you can get 400 IU of vitamin D by drinking 837 ml of this formula every day. 

3 flat spoons (12.9 grams) can be used to dispense 100 ml of milk with 90 ml of water. But if your baby is short of vitamin D, but you give calcium to your baby, isn't this a foolish behavior(sugarbearhair france)? This is a foolish behavior, but you may not believe that this kind of ignorant behavior is not only for many parents, many Chinese doctors. All this is true.

China's parenting science is very underdeveloped, everyone does not understand, including many community doctors do not understand, they see the baby "pillow bald" or "rib valgus" (chicken chest), they will think that the baby is calcium deficiency(sugar bear hair products), let the parents give the baby Calcium supplementation. But we said that "calcium" and "vitamin D" are two different things.

If the baby is bald and the rib valgus is pathological, then it is not "calcium deficiency", but the baby is suffering from "vitamin D deficiency(sugar bear hair website)." What is missing is vitamin D. (In fact, in more cases, occipital baldness and rib valgus are neither deficient in calcium nor vitamin D, but a phenomenon during normal development.)

Breastfeeding baby: 0 to 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding: 7 to 14 days after birth, start to give vitamin D 400 to 800 international units per day (400 to 600 international units per day in the southern rainy season(sugar bear hair vitamins ulta), 600 to 800 per day in the cold winter in the north) international unit). Breastfeeding children 7 to 12 months: Vitamin D400 international units are needed daily.

However, because the children have added complementary food at this stage, the foods produced by the general baby food factory have strengthened a series of nutrients such as vitamin D(sugar bear hair wholesale). Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the vitamin D content of the complementary foods, and the insufficient part needs to be supplemented.

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