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Vitamins are one of the main force to maintain human health and fight against viruses and bacteria. Because the human body cannot synthesize itself, it must be supplied by the outside world(sugar bear hair wholesale). In the absence of vitamins, the body's metabolism is out of balance, immunity is reduced, and various diseases and viruses can become vain and even threaten life.

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Single food: If you eat the same kind or the same food in your life, you will also get insufficient vitamin intake because of the singularity of the food(sugar bear hair nz). Processing damage: fruits and vegetables are soaked in water for a long time before cooking, cooking at high temperatures, and cooking time is long, which will cause the vitamins in the food to be destroyed.(buy sugarbearhair for men dubai)

How do the elderly eat health? Wash and cut first, soak it when it is soaked. 6 major causes of vitamin deficiency, insufficient supply: This kind of situation usually occurs in children and the elderly(sugar bear hair wholesale price). As the elderly grow older, their appetite slowly diminishes, and the food they eat is relatively small, so the body's vitamins are also There will be a shortage of supplies. 

Vitamins are not ill, they need to be replenished, but every meal should pay attention to the balanced intake of vitamins(sugar bear hair ireland). Special population: Pregnant women and lactating women, children, special types of work, people in special circumstances need more vitamins than normal people. Due to the long growing period and long exposure time, the nutrients in the old leaves accumulate much. 

(buy sugarbearhair for men dubai)Not absorbed by the body: People with digestive diseases or excessive intake of fat will affect the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins by the body(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). Taking antibiotics: People who use a lot of antibiotics can cause the environment of intestinal microbes to be destroyed, which will affect the synthesis of some vitamins in the body.

According to the recommendations in the Dietary Guidelines for the Elderly in China, the elderly use their simple “10 fists” principle to guide their diet according to the size of their fists: no more than one fist per day(sugar bear hair israel). The size of the meat, eggs, eat the equivalent of two fist-sized cereals, to ensure that the two fist-sized beans, dairy products, eat no less than five fist-sized vegetables and fruits.

The lack of vitamins is a hazard. Choose a dish: try to keep the old leaves. In addition, the leaf content of vegetables is higher than that of stems, and the outer leaves are higher than the inner leaves(sugar bear hair vitamins south africa). Washing vegetables: Because many vitamins in vegetables are water-soluble, long time after washing or soaking them will dissolve them in water, causing nutrient loss.(buy sugarbearhair for men dubai)

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