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Renal 1α hydroxylase function is reduced, and the ability to hydroxylate to synthesize 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3[1,25(OH)2D3] is decreased(sugar bear hair manufacturer). The vitamin D receptor is down-regulated in the tissue, and the sensitivity of vitamin D is decreased; the vitamin D receptor in the intestine is reduced, and the vitamin D absorption is decreased.

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Vitamin D deficiency or deficiency directly affects the bones and muscle system and is closely related to osteoporosis, fractures, sarcopenia and falls. Vitamin D supplementation increases bone density(sugarbearhair wholesale price), improves muscle mass and function, and reduces the risk of falls and fractures. Older people, especially those in the elderly, have better vitamin D than ordinary vitamin D. 

However, the doses of vitamin D supplementation vary from population to population. Expert analysis: Vitamin deficiency is due to insufficient food intake, rather than eating a multivitamin at a time, it is better to eat a multivitamin(sugarbearhair usa). The absorption of the stomach of the elderly is not better than that of young people, and many nutrients are easily lost, so it is necessary to supplement a multivitamin every day.

Foods rich in vitamin C: fresh dates, kiwi, hawthorn, citrus, strawberry, grapefruit and other fruits, mung bean sprouts, tomatoes, cabbage and so on(sugar bear hair cheap). Vitamin D supplementation can prevent and treat osteoporosis and reduce the risk of fracture: It is recommended that elderly patients with osteoporosis supplement vitamin D 800 ~ 1000U / d, can effectively prevent and treat osteoporosis, reduce fractures. 

Vitamin D supplementation is effective in reducing the risk of recurrent fractures: Vitamin D800-1000U/d is recommended for elderly fracture patients, which can increase bone density, reduce bone loss, and reduce the risk of recurrent fractures(sugar bear hair vitamins price). The effect of vitamin D on the muscle system: More and more evidence supports the neurotrophic effects of vitamin D.

Vitamin D supplementation can improve neuromuscular function and muscle strength, reduce the risk of falls: Vitamin D can regulate muscle calcium metabolism, promote terminal differentiation of muscle cells, optimize muscle cell morphology and induce nerve growth factor synthesis(sugar bear hair usa), increase muscle strength It relieves pain in the joints and surrounding soft tissues, and affects neuromuscular control and nerve coordination, and enhances neuromuscular coordination, thereby reducing the tendency to fall.

Vitamin D supplementation for treatment of sarcopenia: It is recommended that elderly patients with hypothyroidism receive vitamin D600~800U/d, which can improve the muscle quality of patients with sarcopenia and reduce the risk of falls and fractures(gummy bear hair vitamins uk). Vitamin D is divided into common vitamin D and active vitamin D. Ordinary vitamin D is only a nutritional supplement, and active vitamin D is a drug that can effectively treat osteoporosis.

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