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At present, different formulations of vitamin D3 and vitamin D2 are used in clinical practice(sugar bear hair wholesale). Based on current medical consensus and 25(OH)D2 testing related issues, it is recommended that the International Osteoporosis Foundation and the British Osteoporosis Society agree that vitamin D3 is the preferred formulation for the treatment of vitamin D deficiency.

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We should not only pay attention to improving the understanding of vitamin D deficiency in the elderly(sugar bear hair wholesale price), but also timely and effective vitamin D supplementation in the clinical practice to better prevent and treat the occurrence and development of diseases related to the elderly and improve the quality of life, prolong survival time.

It is also a homocysteine in the blood (HCY). Methylation provides a methyl group that reduces plasma homocysteine levels. The population monitoring data also showed that the annual incidence of stroke was 250/100,000(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale), the annual incidence of coronary heart disease was 50/100,000, and the incidence of stroke was 5 times that of coronary heart disease.

In summary, vitamin D deficiency or deficiency is closely related to geriatric diseases. Hypertension is a chronic disease with high prevalence, high disability rate and heavy disease burden in China(cheap sugar bear hair). China's population monitoring data show that cardiovascular and cerebrovascular deaths account for more than 40% of the total deaths, of which hypertension is the first risk factor.

During the clinical work, the author found that some hypertensive patients took their own folic acid tablets purchased by the pharmacy or doctors, and asked with doubts: Why should the doctor give me folic acid tablets(sugarbearhair europe)? Can folic acid supplement really prevent stroke? Studies have shown that folic acid supplementation reduces homocysteine (Hcy) levels, thereby reducing the risk of stroke. 

Numerous studies have shown that homocysteine is an important risk factor for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events, especially stroke(sugar bear hair gummy vitamins). So, what is the relationship between folic acid and H-type hypertension? The conversion of folic acid into 5-methyltetrahydrofolate in the body is not only involved in the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins, but also in the metabolism of DNA.

Therefore, for people with type H hypertension, blood pressure alone is not enough to prevent stroke, we need to control homocysteine in plasma at the same time(sugar bear hair uae). First, Let us know what is "H-type hypertension"? H-type hypertension refers to hypertension with elevated plasma homocysteine (Hcy ≥ 10mol / L). Therefore, how to prevent stroke has become a topic of great concern. 

Therefore, when folic acid is deficient, it causes a disorder of homocysteine metabolism, resulting in an increase in plasma homocysteine levels(sugar bear hair europe). In the 2010 Chinese Hypertension Guidelines, folic acid was eventually included in the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular prevention guidelines as a plasma-lowering homocysteine.

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