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Having said that, some patients may ask: In addition to lifestyle interventions, it is also recommended to consume as much as possible of folic acid-rich foods(sugar bear hair stockists). However, the folic acid intake in food is mainly through fruits and green vegetables, but foods such as vegetables are cooked and eaten, and a large amount of folic acid is destroyed.

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The recommended intake of folic acid in the 14-80 age group is 0.4 mg, and it is difficult to obtain >0.4 mg/d folic acid in our normal intake(buy sugar bear hair vitamins). Therefore, H-type hypertension diagnosis and treatment experts agree that regardless of whether patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, it is recommended to jointly supplement folic acid on the basis of blood pressure.

The diagnosis of H-type hypertension is a prerequisite: there is no sufficient evidence to show whether additional folic acid can produce the same prevention of stroke in patients with non-H type hypertension(cheap sugar bear hair vitamins). It is recommended to check your plasma homocysteine first, and then take folic acid tablets to prevent stroke according to the doctor's advice. 

Many foods are rich in folic acid. So, how to supplement is the right way? Do not try to have all the elements in the periodic table of vitamins(sugar bear hair wholesale). So, if I strengthen the diet of this kind of food, can I not eat folic acid tablets? Indeed, patients with H-type hypertension are not only those with general hypertension. 

Folic acid dosage and replenishment time: The "folic acid tablets" eaten by pregnant women, the specification is 0.4mg / tablet, if used to prevent stroke patients with hypertension, eating two tablets a day is enough(sugar bear hair wholesale price). For the course of treatment, the results of the study suggest that supplementation for >3 years can reduce the risk of stroke.

Hazard of excessive intake of folic acid: Under normal circumstances, folic acid is non-toxic and has no side effects. However, excessive intake of folic acid will affect the body's absorption of vitamin B12(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale), especially when the body supply is sufficient, if a large amount of folic acid intake will mask the deficiency of vitamin B12 during pernicious anemia, causing nerve damage, it is worth noting.

Even if 15 mg of folic acid is taken every day for 1 month, there is no adverse effect. Therefore, don't fall into the wrong zone and think that the more vitamins you take, the better(sugar bear hair cheap). Therefore, taking the medicine should be strictly in accordance with the doctor's advice, or consult the pharmacist, do not take the medicine for personal use, causing unnecessary damage to health.

For example, we often lack calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc in minerals. In non-minerals, we are prone to vitamin C, vitamin B and provitamin A. It is enough to have these ingredients in the vitamin tablets(sugar bear hair usa). The other is just an individual phenomenon, only the doctor can give advice on which vitamin tablets you are suitable for.

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