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We recommend supplementing with oral vitamin AD preparation(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). Pay attention to the environment and personal hygiene, urge the baby to wash hands frequently; open the window ventilation when the air quality is good, keep the air circulation, the indoor air is fresh; when the weather is fine, increase the baby's outdoor activities, but try to stay away from the high-density population area.

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First, mucosal defenses (including skin, respiratory tract, and digestive tract mucosa) prevent germs from entering the body(sugar bear hair cheap). Vitamin A helps maintain the integrity and function of mucosal epithelial cells, forms an immune barrier, and enhances the body's defense against pathogens. Second, body fluid defense, eliminates many pathogens in the body.

Daily vitamin D supplementation keeps your baby away from disease and grows healthily(sugar bear hair usa). Vitamin A can improve the phagocytosis and bactericidal ability of phagocytic cells in body fluids, and help eliminate pathogens entering the human body. Third, specific defenses (including immune organs and immune cells) can eliminate specific pathogens in the body. 

There are three immune defense lines in the human body, and these three immune defense lines are inseparable from the participation of vitamin AD in order to "work" normally(sugar bear hair stockists). Vitamins A and D can mobilize the activity of immune B cells and T cells, promote antibody production, and form a team to eliminate pathogenic bacteria in time.

At this stage, help the baby to fight the fortress of immunity. Vitamin AD has a synergistic effect, allowing the baby to resist the invasion of pathogens from the outside to the inside(sugar bear hair wholesale). In addition, vitamin AD is also a key nutrient for your baby's normal growth and development. Vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium, help the development of bones, and eruption of teeth. 

Vitamin A can enhance the cell activity in the long bone epiphyseal cartilage, promote the growth of long bones of the extremities, and promote the secretion of growth hormone, which is an important nutrient for children's growth and development and "long"(blue sugar bear hair). At the same time, vitamin AD has an irreplaceable effect on the development of baby's vision, mental development and hematopoietic function.

It can be seen that the vitamin AD supplement can play the effect of “1+1>2”, which is very important for the healthy development of the baby(women's multi sugar bear). In view of the important role of vitamin AD in the growth and development of the baby, it is considered that the clinical and subclinical deficiency of vitamin A in China is severe, and the amount of vitamin AD obtained from food is limited.

The conversion rate of carotenoid into vitamin A in the body is very high. Low, and affected by cooking methods, personal absorption, baby's food intake, etc., it is difficult to obtain vitamin AD that satisfies growth and development through food(sugar bear hair wholesale price). 0-3 years old is the key period for the baby's growth and development, parents should not take it lightly.

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