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In children of 4-6 years of age during growth and development, the demand for various types of vitamins increases(sugar bear hair usa). If it is not supplied in time and adequately, it is prone to certain vitamin deficiency, leading to certain organs, systems and growth and development disorders. The more common vitamin deficiency, including the lack of vitamins A, D, B1, B2 and C.

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The recommended daily intake of vitamin C for children aged 4-6 is 50 mg. Vitamin B2 is widely found in animal and plant foods. Animal gut, milk, eggs, fish, soybeans and green leafy vegetables are the main sources of vitamin B2(sugar bear hair wholesale). The recommended daily intake of vitamin B2 for children aged 4-6 is 0.7 mg. The recommended daily intake of vitamin D for children aged 4-6 is 10 μg.

(sugar bear hair 3 months miami)Sun exposure can promote the synthesis of vitamin D under the skin. The body's synthetic vitamin D is affected by various factors such as season, sunshine, air pollution and skin exposure(sugar bear hair stockists). When there is little outdoor activity or when the sun is not enough in winter, it can be supplemented with food containing natural vitamin D.

Vitamin B1 is widely found in natural foods. Long-term lack of vitamin C can also lead to reduced immunity and anemia. The recommended daily intake of vitamin B1 for children aged 4-6 is 0.8 mg(sugar bear hair wholesale price). In severe cases, it can cause beriberi and affect the nervous system. When vitamin B1 is deficient, it is prone to fatigue, loss of appetite or mood changes. 

The main sources are animal offal, meat, nuts or beans and unrefined cereals. Because it is a water-soluble vitamin, it is excreted from the urine faster and is not easy to store. supply(sugar bear hair greece). Vitamin C is mainly derived from fresh vegetables and fruits, especially fresh dates, citrus fruits and colored vegetables, such as bell peppers, rapeseed, leeks, cabbage, cauliflower and so on.(sugar bear hair 3 months miami)

Such as egg yolk, animal liver and fish eggs, etc., if necessary, you can also choose vitamin D supplements, but be careful not to overdosing(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). Although vitamin D deficiency rickets occur mostly in infants and young children, bone growth in children aged 4-6 still requires calcium accumulation under the action of vitamin D.

(sugar bear hair 3 months miami)Once they are insufficient or lacking, they will cause a decline in dark adaptation ability, even night blindness. However, it should be noted that when vitamin A is excessively ingested, it will accumulate in the body and cause poisoning(sugar bear hair japan). The recommended daily intake of vitamin A for children aged 4-6 years is 360 μg retinol equivalent.

Children 4-6 years old are high-risk age groups with vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin A is mainly derived from animal liver, egg and cod liver oil. Dark green or red-yellow vegetables and fruits are rich in β-carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A in the body(sugar bear hair cheap). Rough skin, impaired teeth and bone development, decreased appetite, decreased taste and sense of smell. 

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