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According to the Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao report(sugarbearhair europe), the Hong Kong Consumer Council recently said that it has reviewed 76 vitamin supplements in Hong Kong and found that one "Maple Treasure" vitamin E has exceeded the upper limit of 4 years old children's absorption, and one "Kang Cal C" water-soluble tablet.

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The "vitamin B-containing folic acid" for adults took 100 mg. Children have reached the upper limit of vitamin C. Excessive intake can lead to kidney stones(sugarbearhair wholesale). Shen Ka-hsin, chairman of the research and test group of the Consumer Council, revealed that two "Maple Treasures" products were found to have exceeded the full-time intake limit for one serving per day. 

The sample of vitamin supplements in the survey was collected by the Consumer Council from April to June this year from retail stores such as pharmacies, personal care stores, and health products stores(sugarbearhair sverige), including 27 multivitamins, 11 vitamin B, and 16 vitamins. C, 17 vitamin D and 5 vitamin E supplement products.

According to the Hong Kong Consumer Council, from 2012 to this year, the Poisoning Counseling Center received 158 cases of overdose of vitamins, 5 of which were intentionally overdose, most of which were accidentally overdose(sugarbearhair wholesale price). One of the children took excessive vitamin D for a long time, resulting in Hypercalcemia, although life-threatening, takes a long time to recover.

Vitamin B, exceeding the recommended upper limit of 60 mg by the Chinese Nutrition Society, long-term intake of excess vitamin B6 may cause difficulty in action(sugarbearhair men). Another 4-year-old child can start taking "natural vitamin E 400 IU", one containing 267 mg of vitamin E, which is higher than the upper limit of 200 mg. Excessive intake can cause hemorrhagic stroke.

Many pregnant women take folic acid or supplements to reduce the risk of developing a neural tube defect in the fetus, but the "GNC" pregnant mother formula has a folic acid content of up to 1000 micrograms(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). But still to be studied. The "Kang Calcium C" water-soluble tablets that children often take, one vitamin C has reached the upper limit of children, excessive intake can lead to kidney stones.

While pregnant women eat a "GNC" pregnant woman formula, folic acid also reaches the upper limit, taking too much or causing the baby to develop autism(sugar bear hair nederland). Shen Kao-hin reminded parents that some supplements are made into candy-like shapes such as bears and heart-shaped, etc. It is necessary to be careful to prevent children from taking them casually and causing overdose.

Although the relevant products have not exceeded the upper limit of intake in the United States or Canada, they have exceeded or are equivalent to the recommendations of the Chinese Nutrition Society(sugarbearhair cheap). Shen Kao said that the standards of different countries are different due to sun exposure and human characteristics.

If excessive intake increases the chance of autism in the baby. Hong Kong consumers should follow Asian standards. The Director-General of the Consumer Council(sugar bear hair indonesia), Huang Fengqi, said that compared with eating supplements, through daily food such as eating 2 servings of fruit a day, eating a kiwi and orange on the 1st, you can get enough vitamin C.

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