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Staying indoors for a long time watching TV, operating a computer, playing video games, or reading a book often leads to excessive eye disease and symptoms of eye disease(sugar bear hair halal). Such as dry eyes, blurred vision, eye pain and other visual fatigue symptoms, or lead to dry eye, myopia, glaucoma acute attack.

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The decrease in the number of blinks increases the exposure time of the cornea to the air, which hinders the distribution of oil in the tears and accelerates the evaporation of the tears(sugar bear hair manufacturer), thereby causing dry eyes, foreign body sensation, and conjunctival hyperemia.(sugarbear hair vitamins company south africa)

In addition, the use of the eye for a few hours to see the near, a large amount of sensitized pigment (purine) in the fundus tissue, can significantly affect the visual function(cheap sugar bear hair). The ciliary muscles continue to contract for a long time, which can form a regulation sputum, and will further develop into myopia in adolescents.

People should pay attention to this disease, otherwise it will easily cause eye damage or even blindness(sugar bear hair black hair). Suggestion: Avoid using eyes for a long time: continue to use the eye for 1 hour, you need to let your eyes rest, look at the distance for about 10 minutes, and watch TV or computer screen time for no more than 4 hours.

(sugarbear hair vitamins company south africa)Conscious tears can alleviate this symptom, but it is not a cure(sugarbearhair romania). This is mainly due to the long-term concentration of the eye, the number of eye movements from the usual 20-25 times per minute to 5-10 times, thus affecting the secretion and distribution of tears on the surface of the eye as a humectant. 

The medical doctor of the German Ophthalmology Association said that the eyes have a burning sensation, or redness and feeling of foreign bodies in the eyes are symptoms of dry eyes(sugarbear hair vitamins price). Vitamin A deficiency can lead to growth retardation, dysplasia, and night blindness in children, but it must not be taken too much to avoid chronic poisoning.

Correct bad posture: Avoid lying and watching TV, changing the habit of watching TV for a long time, and doing outdoor activities(sugar bear hair promo). Pay attention to supplemental nutrition: appropriate vitamin A supplement or eat more foods rich in vitamin A to supplement the consumption of rhodopsin.(sugarbear hair vitamins company south africa)

Natural vitamin A is only found in animal foods such as animal liver, eggs, butter and cod liver oil; carotenoids contained in plants can be converted into vitamin A in the liver (1 mg carotene = 0.167 mg of vitamins) A). Vitamin A can promote growth and development(sugar bear vitamins amazon), protect night vision, and increase disease resistance and anti-cancer effect.

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