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As we all know, the vitamin D content of breast milk in various worlds is very low, so breast-fed children still need to supplement vitamins A and D(sugarbearhair cheap). Sunlight can synthesize some vitamin D, but its amount is related to various factors such as season, age, sex, latitude, irradiation area, irradiation time, UV intensity, skin color and so on. 

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The vitamin D content of the 1 liter standard concentration formula is about 300-400 IU. However, due to the unstable physical and chemical properties of vitamins A and D, it is easy to oxidize in the presence of air, light or high temperature(sugarbearhair europe). Therefore, during the storage, opening and brewing of milk powder, there will be different degrees of loss, and most of the baby will drink less than 1 per day.

When the milk is raised, the actual intake of vitamins A and D does not reach the content indicated in the milk powder description(sugarbearhair wholesale). Therefore, living in the north of China, especially the population density, heavy air pollution, children in the high-rise buildings, it is difficult to guarantee the effectiveness of the sun. Under normal circumstances, it will not lead to lack.

Usually we have to regulate our diet, do not picky eaters, food diversity, appropriate amount of food, children need to add appropriate vitamin D supplement during lactation, so that the vitamin D content of milk meets the standard, timely add baby food supplement(sugarbear hair vitamins south africa). Elderly patients should be supplemented with calcium.

In fact, China's monitoring of vitamin A levels in breastfed infants is mostly low. If vitamin D deficiency occurs, then it needs to be replenished in time, but how to add and how to add it is a certain skill(sugarbearhair dubai). The following is a brief introduction for everyone. We only need diet and nutrition, and the ingredients are diverse and more sun-baked.

Proper sun exposure. Don't rely too much on sunscreen in our lives, and don't be too afraid of the sun. Appropriate sunbathing can supplement vitamin D. Of course, the sun should avoid the strong noon(sugarbearhair wholesale price). Try to choose morning and evening. Vitamin D is one of the most demanding elements of our lives, but its supplement is not difficult.

Moreover, if the baby is effectively seen in the sun for too long, the ultraviolet rays will cause damage to the child's skin and eyes. Therefore, it is not recommended to use the sun to obtain all the vitamin D(sugarbearhair sa). Vitamin D deficiency in breast milk is a common problem worldwide, so vitamin D supplementation is the world consensus, while vitamin A is not.

Therefore, relying solely on vitamin A and D in milk powder is not enough for most babies. A balanced diet and a vegetarian diet. Affected by ethnicity, eating habits, economic conditions, etc.(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale), vitamin A nutrition levels in developed countries are more ideal, and most developing countries are in a state of medium and severe deficiency.

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