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The survey found that the vitamin A content of breast milk in China is far below the world average(sugar bear hair miami). However, affected by Europe and the United States, as well as misunderstanding of Haitao and purchasing products, many parents and even medical workers believe that vitamin A is not needed, resulting in a significant deficiency of vitamin A in more than half of children in China, and some lack of margin.

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Most palms have a seasonal peeling, and most of them can heal themselves after a while, and generally do not require very treatment(sugar bear hair manufacturer). Symptomatic treatment is required for contact dermatitis caused by fungal infections, contact dermatitis caused by chemical damage, and exfoliative keratosis caused by congenital genetic factors. Four types of hands and feet peeling:

1. General peeling and peeling. It is only manifested as the whitening of the hands and the absence of itching and inflammation. Generally common in autumn and winter(sugarbearhair australia). This kind of peeling can be self-healing, generally does not require treatment, as long as it avoids contact with irritating chemicals such as soap and hand soap, and can heal itself after 2-3 weeks.

2, dry dermatitis. It is characterized by the whitening of the hands and the cracking of the fingers. Most common among young and middle-aged women, it is associated with the frequent washing of hands with soap(sugarbearhair malaysia). Therefore, you should reduce the number of hand washing, avoid using alkaline soap, hand soap, and wear gloves when washing clothes.

Some people easily peel off their hands and feet as soon as they are dry, and they are also accompanied by cleft palate. In addition, the number of bathing should be reduced appropriately, once or twice a week(cheap sugar bear hair). People who have a bathing habit do not have to use shower gel every time when taking a bath. After bathing, it is best to apply some oily skin care products to the very dry skin.

3, handcuffs. Generally, there is a peeling phenomenon in one hand first, and then developed to both hands. There are erythema, inflammation, and itching in the palm of the hand(sugarbearhair sale). Most patients with handcuffs have an ankle at the same time. Hand, foot and ankle are caused by fungal infections and are contagious, so they must be treated promptly and thoroughly.

Simply rinse it. Generally, some antifungal ointments are applied to the affected area on time, and will be cured after a period of time. Oral antifungal drugs can also be used as an adjuvant treatment(sugarbearhair au). Eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins to help the healing of the disease, you can eat some vitamin C tablets as an aid.

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