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Anemia problem Vitamin b12 has a good hematopoietic function. Once the body is deficient, vitamin b12 is prone to anemia. On the basis of anemia, it is necessary to consider whether the body lacks vitamin b12(sugarbearhair wholesale). If vitamin b12 is not Supplementation, it is easy to cause problems of pernicious anemia, leading to red blood cell anemia.

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We are talking about vitamins now, no matter whether men and women lack vitamin B12, diarrhea or nausea, many people do not understand vitamin b12, can promote carbohydrates and fats as well as protein and metabolism when the body is chronically deficient in vitamin b12(sugarbearhair wholesale price). Oral ulcers When our body lacks vitamin b12, it can easily affect some oral diseases.(buy sugar bear hair pink italia)

There are 150 different forms of folic acid that can be lost by 50% to 90% during cooking, storage or processing. Folic acid supplements have been found to reduce homocysteine levels(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). Because elevated levels of homocysteine are associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, some researchers believe that folic acid and B12 reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

(buy sugar bear hair pink italia)The best sources of folic acid are green vegetables, beans and liver. The best source of folic acid natural food (100 grams (2 two)): asparagus: 268 micrograms, beef liver: 290 micrograms, lentils: 920 micrograms, beans: 784 micrograms(sugarbearhair cheap), spinach: 58 micrograms, lettuce: 14 micrograms, crocodile Pear: 118 micrograms, egg yolk: 355 micrograms.

Banana: 45 micrograms, mushroom: 16 micrograms(oem sugar bear hair vitamins), broccoli: 28 micrograms. In 1998, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Canadian government began requiring manufacturers to add folic acid to certain foods, including condensed bread, cereals, flour, cornmeal, pasta, rice, and other cereal products.

The typical diet in the United States contains a large amount of these foods, making the fortified product an important factor in the overall folic acid intake(sugar bear hair usa). The intake of folic acid in adults over 1000 micrograms or the amount of folate in children 18 years of age or younger is 800 micrograms, which can mask the deficiency of vitamin B12.(buy sugar bear hair pink italia)

Other countries that need to strengthen certain foods with folic acid include Costa Rica, Chile and South Africa(sugar bear hair stockists). High levels of intravenous folate intake may result in seizures, and high doses of folic acid supplementation are associated with an increased risk of certain cancer progression. However, the level of folate in the diet is not associated with any adverse effects.

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