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In summary, vitamin D poisoning is rare in the clinic, even if there is excessive use of vitamin D, it rarely causes vitamin D poisoning, and China often has excessive diagnosis of vitamin D poisoning(sugar bear hair 6 months). Despite this, we still need to understand the treatment of vitamin D poisoning.

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(1) Elimination of the cause: Immediately stop taking vitamin D(sugar bear hair manufacturer), low calcium and low phosphorus diet, vitamin D levels can gradually decline with time, it takes about several weeks. Monitor 25(OH)D and blood calcium levels.(sugar bear hair gummy vitamins greece)

(2) Rehydration and diuresis: The most common treatment for hypercalcemia is intravenous infusion of normal saline, increasing glomerular filtration rate and elimination of calcium(sugarbearhair ebay). Can be combined with diuretics. It is worth mentioning that thiazide diuretics can increase the reabsorption of calcium by distal tubules, which will further aggravate hypercalcemia and should be avoided.

(3) Glucocorticoids and calcitonin: For symptomatic hypercalcemia, if the symptoms persist after hydration and diuretic application, glucocorticoids and calcitonin may be applied(cheap sugar bear hair). Glucocorticoids inhibit the reabsorption of calcium by the kidneys while inhibiting the production and activity of 1,25(OH)2D, thereby reducing intestinal absorption of calcium.

(sugar bear hair gummy vitamins greece)Calcitonin can inhibit the activity of osteoclasts and reduce the reabsorption of bone(sugar bear hair black friday). However, due to the down-regulation of calcitonin receptor after application, the effect is affected, so it is mainly reflected within 48 hours after the first dose.

(4) Phosphate: In patients with vitamin D poisoning, bone resorption is increased, and bone resorption inhibitor drugs are used clinically(sugarbearhair ireland). Phosphate such as sodium alen solution or disodium hydroxydiphosphate can successfully reduce the blood calcium concentration of vitamin D poisoning.

In the study of infant vitamin D poisoning, oral sodium alendronate can quickly reduce blood calcium levels to normal levels, which is four times shorter than prednisone(sugar bear hair phone number). Disodium hydroxydiphosphate is also considered to be safe and effective, can shorten the course of disease, and thus effectively reduce the occurrence of renal calciumosis, can be used as a first-line treatment for vitamin D poisoning.(sugar bear hair gummy vitamins greece)

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