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The performance of vitamin D poisoning is actually the clinical symptoms of hypercalcemia, such as arrhythmia, ectopic calcification, and nervous system depression(sugar bear hair wholesale). Therefore, blood calcium concentration >3mmol / L is the basis for the diagnosis of hypercalcemia, and is also an essential test indicator for the diagnosis of vitamin D poisoning.

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Elevated blood calcium also inevitably leads to an increase in urinary calcium excretion, and even before the rise in blood calcium, urinary calcium has increased(sugar bear hair wholesale price). Therefore, hypercalciuria may be a more sensitive indicator of vitamin D overdose or poisoning, but the factors that lead to elevated urinary calcium are diverse.(sugar bear hair company japan)

It is suggested that the diagnosis of vitamin D poisoning cases based on clinical symptoms alone and without serum calcium is debatable(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). After 2004, there were more cases of vitamin D overdose or poisoning reported in China's literature, and the diagnosis basis of some cases was obviously insufficient. Overdiagnosis of vitamin D poisoning may prevent clinically correct use of vitamin D supplements.

Prof. Sheng Xiaoyang, a famous child health expert in China, analyzed the reports of vitamin D poisoning in China from January 2004 to May 2010. Only 209 patients were tested for serum 25(OH)D, and 93 patients were tested for serum calcium(sugar bear hair cheap). Other diagnoses were hypercalciuria, renal B-ultrasound and bone X. Line and so on.

(sugar bear hair company japan)In 2004, Wu Guangchi and other 177 cases of vitamin D poisoning in China in the past 30 years were analyzed. A total of 17 cases were retrieved and 11 cases were reported to be analyzed, and 475 cases of vitamin D overdose or poisoning were sorted out(sugarbearhair europe). The main diagnosis in the report was the history and clinical manifestations of high-dose vitamin D. 

234 (49.3) %) The information provided is incomplete and the diagnosis cannot be confirmed, but there may be some cases of vitamin D poisoning(sugarbearhair france); and 201 cases (42.3%) lack the necessary diagnosis basis and do not meet the diagnosis of vitamin D poisoning. Hypercalciuria is present when the urinary calcium/creatinine ratio is >1 mmol/L.(sugar bear hair company japan)

Analysis showed that only 23 of the 475 reported cases (4.8%) were eligible for vitamin D poisoning; 17 (3.6%) had a clear excess of vitamin D and may have a small number of cases of vitamin D poisoning(sugar bear hair products); In other words, at least 90% of cases of vitamin D poisoning reported in China's literature are worthy of discussion, and clinical practice may be higher.

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