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Experts agree that for safety reasons, the consensus adopts a more conservative standard: serum 25-(OH)D concentration over 250 nmol/L with elevated serum calcium and reduced PTH to vitamin D poisoning(sugar bear hair manufacturer). When blood calcium is >3 mmol/L and there is a large history of consumption of vitamin D, vitamin D poisoning is highly suspected.

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The American Endocrine Society believes that 25(OH)D concentrations above 375 nmol/L are vitamin D poisoning, accompanied by hypercalcemia or hypercalciuria associated with elevated vitamin D and reduced parathyroid hormone (PTH). D poisoning; excessive vitamin D can cause hypercalcemia(cheap sugar bear hair), hypercalciuria and inhibition of the central nervous system and ectopic calcification.

At present, there is no complete consensus on the concentration levels defined by vitamin D poisoning(sugar bear hair private label). We know that vitamin D3 is absorbed into the lymphatic system through the intestines, becoming chylomicrons, which in turn enter the bloodstream.

From the definition of the above three authoritative vitamin D poisoning, vitamin D poisoning includes a history of overdose, serum 25-(OH)D and hypercalcemia(sugar bear hair israel), and it is clear that the children in the case did not reach the level of vitamin D poisoning. Because the dose taken by the child is equivalent to the physiological requirement of 90 days, is it a super-dose, will the child have delayed poisoning?

In 2010, the Children's Health Group of the Chinese Medical Association's Pediatrics Branch issued the "Proposal for Prevention and Treatment of Micronutrient Deficiency in Children"(sugar bear hair nz), which concluded that serum 25-(OH)D>250 nmol/L is vitamin D excess, and >375 nmol/L is vitamin. Pay attention to pathophysiology, clear the mechanism, and then take the helm.

At this time, vitamin D is inactive and hydroxylated to 25-(OH)D under the action of liver 25 hydroxylase, which is the main circulating form of vitamin D, and is also an indicator for clinical diagnosis of vitamin D deficiency or excess(sugar bear hair ireland). Putting vinegar early will not only increase the taste, but also increase the absorption rate of nutrients such as protein, calcium and vitamin C.

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