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Where To Buy Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins Nederland

These people can choose a multivitamin: B vitamins are afraid of heat, so don't add alkali when you porridge, try not to fry all kinds of staple foods and dishes(oem sugar bear hair vitamins). People with poor diet or less than 1600 calories per day; pick fresh and bright fruits and vegetables, wash and cut in the process of production, stir-fry quickly.

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When there is a serious lack of vitamin A, the cod liver oil preparation can be selected, but do not take it in large doses for a long time to prevent poisoning(sugar bear hair ph price). Vitamin E supplements cannot be taken in large quantities or overdosed for a long time (more than 800 mg per day).  It is usually enough for an adult to take about 1 to 2 micrograms per kilogram of body weight per day from food. 

Some diseases affect the absorption or use of nutrients, such as chronic diarrhea, food allergy, food intolerance, or liver, gallbladder, intestinal or pancreatic diseases(sugar bear hair manufacturer); vitamin K also Called "coagulation vitamins", so the lack of vitamin K, it is easy to prolong the clotting time, in severe cases, blood flow will not only cause death.

Canned foods are convenient and resistant to containment. Studies have shown that there is no significant change in their total nutritional value. Of course, this refers to the premise of proper processing and preservation(sugar bear hair vitamins australia). However, vitamins with a small amount of food, especially some unstable vitamins, have a large change.

To be immersed in hot water, the tissue is withered to remove air, the product is shrunk, and it is convenient for canning(cheap sugar bear hair). Vitamin C and vitamin B are two of the most unstable vitamins in canning. Before the canning, the food should be sterilized by heating, etc., so that the vitamin is inevitably damaged, but the improved method can reduce the loss of vitamins.

This operation is called blanching. For example, if the corn syrup is sterilized by conventional methods, the preservation rate of vitamin B is 40%(sugarbearhair usa); if the tube heat exchanger is used for high-temperature short-time sterilization, the preservation rate of vitamin B1 can be increased to 95%. The vegetables are also sterilized before sterilization.

Properly increase the water temperature and shorten the blanching time to save more vitamins. For example, peas are blanched at 77-82 ° C for 2 minutes and a half, people who have digestive tract surgery can not normally digest and absorb nutrients(sugar bear hair vitamins price); the vitamin C preservation rate is 86%, the same time at 93 ° C blanching, vitamin C preservation rate is 91%.

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