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However, the above two temperatures were blanched for 8 minutes, and the preservation rates were only 65% and 64%, respectively. The retention rates of other vitamins after sterilization or blanching are generally higher than vitamin B and vitamin C(sugar bear hair wholesale). The preserved fruits are more preserved than the peeled nutrients.

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It has been found that the vitamin C preservation rate of cherries can reach 96%, and carotene is almost completely preserved(sugar bear hair wholesale price). The vitamin C preservation rate of four different maturity apricots is 76%~96%, an average of 85%, and the preservation of carotene. The rate is 78% to 98%, with an average of 85%.(sugar bear hair website italia)

For example, the vitamin preservation rate of tomato juice in the jar is: vitamin C67%, vitamin B189%, vitamin B297%, vitamin PP (ie niacin) 98%, carotene 67%(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). Improved technology can increase the preservation rate of vitamins, such as removing air as much as possible during juice extraction, shortening time, and eliminating the need for copper equipment.

Peel, other treatments or juice preservation, vitamin loss is more. Canned foods are isolated from the outside world and have little loss of nutrients during storage(sugar bear hair cheap). The results of the temperature control test showed that the canned foods stored at 10~18 °C for 2 years had a nutrient preservation rate of over 80%. 

(sugar bear hair website italia)Storage at 27 ° C will have an adverse effect on certain vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamin B2(sugar bear hair uae). Lunch canned pork at 7~37 °C, and there was no significant change in vitamin B, niacin and pantothenic acid, but vitamin B was adversely affected when stored at higher temperatures.

In a broad sense, fermented foods are products that are modified and processed by microorganisms (such as bacteria, yeast, and mold). During this process, the microbe consumes a portion of the nutrients, changes the nutrients of the food, and adds some nutrients(sugarbearhair europe). There are many types of fermented foods, such as bean curd, cardamom, yogurt, beer, and kimchi.

So, what about the changes in vitamins during the growth and decline of various nutrients? Different fermented foods, different types of vitamins, the changes are not the same(gummy bear hair vitamins uk). In the production of pickles and kimchi, the vitamin content of vegetables is often reduced. Generally, the lower the temperature, the smaller the vitamin loss.(sugar bear hair website italia)

It has been reported that unscented kimchi loses 75% to 85% of its B vitamins, and vitamin C is almost completely lost. There are also some examples in which vitamin C can retain a larger portion(sugar bear hair gummy vitamins). For example, when chopped cabbage is fermented, the vitamin C preservation rate is high, but it can be lost by 250% to 33% in further processing of the tank.

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