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For example, in non-fragrance cucumbers, the content of carotene is higher than that of fresh cucumber. Low alcohol can often preserve some vitamins(sugarbearhair wholesale). For example, fresh grapes contain 18 mg of vitamin C per 100 g. After fermenting into wine, the vitamin c is as high as 8 mg per 100 g, and vitamin B2 can be kept at about 50%.

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Beer, rice wine, rice wine, etc. all contain a small amount of vitamins. The nutritional value of fermented dairy products can be comparable to that before processing, especially if the vitamin B1 content actually increases(sugarbearhair wholesale price). Lactobacillus in yogurt can synthesize vitamin E, folic acid and other vitamins in the intestines.(sugarbearhair 6 month dubai)

Sometimes some vitamins may increase. In the process of making cheese, many vitamins are destroyed, but due to the action of microorganisms, new vitamins are synthesized(sugarbearhair cheap). If someone found in the mature Guuda cheese, the vitamin B1 and B2 levels increased by 313% and 332%, respectively, compared with the immature.

During the ripening process of Adam's cheese, its vitamin B1 increased by 69% to 134%, and the amount of increase was related to the bacterial strain used. Fermented soy products are very popular in China and other Asian countries(buy sugar bear hair vitamins). A Japanese soybean meal has a vitamin C content similar to that of raw soybeans.(sugarbearhair 6 month dubai)

Its vitamin B1 and vitamin B2 have increased three-fold, and vitamin B12 has almost increased five-fold(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). A soybean fermented food in Indonesia has lost more than 50% of vitamin B1; however, the content of vitamin B2 has more than doubled, and the content of niacin and vitamin B12 has also increased greatly.

Low temperature and freezing are an excellent way to preserve food, and most nutrients will not be lost in the short term(sugar bear hair usa). However, due to the low content of vitamins and the chemical nature of various vitamins, will the vitamins in the preservation of the food be lost? How much loss? How to reduce the loss? This series of problems will inevitably attract people's attention.

The development of modern science and technology has brought a wide variety of refrigerators into thousands of households, which greatly facilitates people's lives(sugar bear hair europe). Studies have shown that spinach, stalks and some green leafy vegetables should maintain their nutritional value in a moisture-tight bag under freezing conditions.(sugarbearhair 6 month dubai)

The temperature, humidity, time and other conditions during storage have a great influence on the preservation rate of vitamins. For example(sugar bear hair stockists), the fresh cabbage collected is stored in a closed container at -0.5 ° C ~ 4 ° C for 2 months, or the dish is refrigerated for 1 week, and the content of vitamin C is almost unchanged.

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