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Cereals, beans, flour, etc. must be kept cold and dry. Vitamin C is the most easily lost substance in refrigeration(cheap sugar bear hair vitamins). For example, if the green beans are stored in a low temperature refrigerator at -18 ° C for 3 months, the vitamin C loss is about 24%; after 6 months of storage, the loss is about 42%; when stored for 9 months, the loss is about 55%.

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Under the same conditions for 12 months, the green beans have almost no loss of vitamin B1, niacin and vitamin K. Vitamin B2 loses 0% to 32%, vitamin B6 loses 0% to 21%, and carotene loses 0% to 23%(sugar bear hair manufacturer). Concentrated citrus juice stored at -18 ° C for 9 to 12 months, the loss of vitamin C is generally less than 5%. Animal foods generally have a high vitamin preservation rate.

(sugarbearhair where to buy ireland)For every 10 °C increase in the range of -18 ° C to -7 ° C, the loss of vitamin C is greatly accelerated(sugar bear hair online), and the decomposition rate is accelerated 6 to 20 times in some vegetables (such as green beans, broccoli, peas, spinach); The decomposition rate of some fruits (such as peach, strawberry, and Boyn strawberry) is 30-70 times faster.

The loss rate of vitamins varies with different food types, different packaging and storage conditions. Also at -18 ° C storage conditions, the loss of vitamin C in asparagus does not exceed 10% within 3 months(sugar bear hair for hair loss). Vitamin B12 is usually found only in animal foods and is difficult to find in plant foods, which is very detrimental to some vegetarians for various reasons.

The vitamin C of the young stem broccoli lost only about 2% in 3 months, and lost about 8% in 6 months; the vitamin C loss of strawberry was similar to that of broccoli; the loss of peach was similar to that of asparagus(cheap sugar bear hair). If it is concentrated juice or sugared water, its vitamin C loss is lower at low temperatures.(sugarbearhair where to buy ireland)

In addition, modern scientific processing technology can save more vitamins and other nutrients, and can also add nutrients to strengthen foods, which will increase its nutritional value(sugar bear hair lazada). Therefore, according to its law of action, we should minimize losses, maintain or even increase the content of vitamins and other nutrients, and improve the nutritional value of food.

Fortunately, fermented soy products often produce vitamin B12 due to the action of microorganisms, such as bean curd, soybean meal, bean paste, soy sauce, etc., all containing vitamin B12, which is an important source of vegetarians(sugar bear hair vitamins philippines). The fermentation process can be seen as the process of recombining the flavor and nutrients of the food with microorganisms.

(sugarbearhair where to buy ireland)Carrots, potatoes and other tubers are well preserved at low temperatures and humidity. About 15% loss within 6 months(sugar bear hair private label). If stored at -18 ° C for 6 months, the niacin of the steak was not lost, vitamin B1 and pantothenic acid lost only 8%, vitamin B2 lost 9%, and vitamin B6 lost 24%.

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