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Poultry and whole chickens were stored frozen at -18 °C for 8 months, vitamin B1 lost 12% to 42%, vitamin B2 lost 3% to 11%, and niacin was not lost(sugarbearhair europe). The loss of vitamins in the refrigerators commonly used in households is not too high. For example, smashed pork, less than 10% of vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and pantothenic acid lost during 2 weeks of cold storage at 4 °C.

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The frozen stored food is preferably large and intact, as some water-soluble vitamins may be dissolved in the juice and lost during the thawing process(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). For example, steak and pork chops are frozen at about 18 ° C and then thawed at room temperature: 12% of vitamin B1, 10% of vitamin B2, 15% of niacin, 9% of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), and 33% of pantothenic acid in beef juice.

(sugar bear hair label nederland)After 3, 6 and 12 months of cold storage of shelled eggs, the average loss of 8 B vitamins was 6%.11% and 19%, respectively(sugar bear hair italia). And folic acid 8%; pork juice loss of vitamin B1 9%, vitamin B2 4% niacin 11%, vitamin B6 9%, pantothenic acid 7%, vitamin B12 6% and 5 kinds of amino acid loss of more than 7%.

If the food is divided more finely, the more vitamins are lost(sugar bear hair cheap). Compared with normal temperature or other storage methods, food can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time to maintain its inherent color, aroma, taste, loss of nutritional value, and is widely consumed in a modern society with high efficiency and fast pace. Welcome.

(sugar bear hair label nederland)However, it can be seen from the above experimental facts that some vitamins may be more or less lost, so storage should not be too long, and if possible, eat more fresh food(sugar bear hair wholesale). The loss of ham and bacon is higher, vitamin B1 is 1% to 26%, vitamin B2 is 1% to 11%, and niacin is 1% to 19%. Pickled and smoked foods have a long history and are still one of the most popular foods. 

Marinated and smoked foods can be used as a preservation technology, as well as to enhance and improve the sensory properties of foods such as color, aroma and taste(sugar bear hair vitamins italia). Meat does not have much effect on large amounts of nutrients such as protein during pickling and smoking, but how does it affect micronutrients such as vitamins?(sugar bear hair label nederland)

Pickling is the treatment of meat with salt and other additives (such as sugar, nitrate, nitrite, etc.) to form a stable, attractive color and unique flavor, and can inhibit microorganisms and preserve meat(sugar bear hair wholesale price). Studies have shown that the loss of vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and niacin caused by meat marinating is very small, only about 1% to 5%.

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