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In some countries and regions, vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) or sodium erythorbate is used in the curing process to accelerate the curing process and as an antioxidant to preserve the color and flavor of the meat(sugarbearhair cheap). It has been determined that the loss rate of the added ascorbate during the curing process is about 17% to 42%.

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The heating and drying effects in the smoking process, especially the chemical constituents of the smoked smoke, have antioxidant or bactericidal activity and prevent the loss of nutrients(sugarbearhair wholesale). However, smoke is more than a loss of salted vitamins. For example, the loss of vitamin B in several meats and sausages increases to 2% to 26%.

If stored in a cold storage, the average weekly loss is 1%, and the average storage in the refrigerator can reach 8% to 11% per week. The loss of vitamin B and niacin is still not too high(sugar bear hair usa). The loss rate of vitamin B1 in the process of pickling and smoking is 15% to 20%, while the loss of vitamin B2 and niacin is not more than 5%.

It has been reported that bain meat immersed in smoked and smoked, the loss of vitamins B1, B2 and niacin are 26%, 11% and 19%, respectively(sugarbearhair wholesale price). From this point of view, even from the nutritional point of view of vitamins, pickling and tobacco Smoked food is also a good way to preserve food and make unique flavors.

When people usually calculate the vitamin content in food, they only notice the content of the food in the raw materials before processing or the amount of food added(sugar bear hair stockists). However, the vitamins in the food are often reduced during processing and storage, so that people cannot satisfy people. The intake of vitamins also causes economic losses.

However, it is worth mentioning that substances such as nitrosamines that may cause cancer have been detected from pickled and smoked foods, so such foods should not be eaten too much(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). Various complex factors such as light, heat, acid, alkali, oxygen, etc. can cause loss of vitamins.

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