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For the most volatile vitamin C, for 2 years, the vitamin C in orange juice only lost about 5% at 10 °C, about 20% at 18 °C, and about 50% at 26 °C(oem sugar bear hair vitamins). In short, canned food. During the production, processing and preservation of food, some vitamins are somewhat lost. When conditions are met, it is most beneficial to eat fresh food.

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Among the commonly used additives, vitamin A palmitate is more stable than vitamin A acetate. For example, fresh milk contains 5.1 mg of vitamin C per liter, and contains only 3.8 mg after sterilization(get sugar bear hair vitamins). The fortified skim milk powder lost 6% of vitamin A during processing, and lost 65% after storage for 2 years at room temperature.

However, the unique advantage of canned food is that it cannot be replaced by fresh food, such as wild, voyage, military activities, fruit and vegetable off-season(sugar bear hair manufacturer). It is important to use appropriate methods to improve the stability of vitamins in foods. So, what are the commonly used methods? Changing the structure of vitamins is an effective method.

The milk powder is only 2.2 mg, which has lost 54%(sugar bear hair label). Studies have shown that certain vitamins become derivatives and improve stability. For example, vitamin E (tocopherol) in natural foods is unstable in the air, and tocopherol esters (such as acetate) have strong resistance to air oxidation and are more stable in high temperature during cooking.

The melting point of vitamin A is 62-64 ° C, and the melting point of vitamin A derivatives is high, such as the melting point of vitamin A-benzene gland is 181 ~ 182 ° C, which improves its stability(cheap sugar bear hair). In the past, people used vitamin B1 hydrochloride as a fortifier to add to food, but the effect was not satisfactory. 

Vitamin B1 is a very easy to lose vitamin(blue sugar bear hair). Later, trial production of more than 10 different characteristics are the same as other processing methods, radiation has more or less impact on nutrients, vitamins are the most sensitive to trace substances, so in the process of radiation, vitamins have also lost.

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