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Vitamin B in beef only destroys 8% during the irradiation process(sugar bear hair wholesale). A study showed that the radiation of 80,000 roentgen per hour for 1 hour destroyed 31% of vitamin A in fresh milk, 10% of vitamin A in cream, and 3 hours of radiation destroyed 60% of vitamin A in fresh milk. Vitamin A destroys 17%. Among the fat-soluble vitamins, the most sensitive to radiation is vitamin E.

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After 1, 3, and 6 hours of full-fat milk radiation for 8 million roentgens per hour, the retention rate of vitamin E (a-tocopherol) is only 71%. 60% and 39%(sugar bear hair wholesale price). Among the B vitamins, vitamin B is the most unstable one, and the destruction rate in radiation-sterilized food is about 63% or higher. Under the premise of sterilization, you can save more vitamins by minimizing the intensity and time of irradiation. 

For example, niacin has a preservative rate of almost 100% under 10.32.4 million roentgen radiation, and vitamin B6 in beef has a storage rate of 76% at 3.2×10 GY (Gray) radiation dose(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). Vitamin C is also sensitive to radiation, a study has shown After the vitamin C solution was irradiated with 100,000 roentgens, the preservation rate was only 17.1%.

Other B vitamins are usually not as sensitive to radiation. At a dose of 0.4 Gy (400,000 rads), niacin is added to the vitamin C solution, which can make the preservation rate of vitamin C reach 71.8%(sugar bear hair cheap). However, the destruction of vitamins in food by radiation is restricted by various factors, and in practice, various methods can be used to reduce or prevent the loss of vitamins.

Other ingredients in the food can protect the vitamins, such as oxalic acid, vitamin B, and niacin ionizing radiation, and even vitamins can protect each other(sugar bear hair miami). For example, when the radiation dose is 0.4 Gy (400,000 rads), the niacin preservation rate of 50 μg per ml is 100%, and if diluted to 10 μg per ml, the preservation rate is reduced to 72%.

As mentioned earlier, the rate of vitamin destruction is related to the intensity of the irradiation and the duration of the irradiation. Adding vitamins E and C can reduce the damage of carotene and vitamin A(sugarbearhair europe). Adding niacin to the vitamin C solution can reduce the loss of vitamin C. Under normal circumstances, the thinner the solution, the more vitamins are to ionizing radiation sensitive.

Fortunately, most foods are dry or solid, so the loss of vitamins in actual irradiation is much lower. After decolorization and strengthening of durum wheat flour, radiation with 30-50 rads will not cause obvious loss of niacin(sugarbearhair australia). In order to prevent the germination of the potato, the radiation dose of 10 kilorads was only 15%, and in some experiments there was no loss.

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