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The temperature at the time of radiation also has a large effect on the stability of the vitamin. Vitamin B. is a substance that is very susceptible to radiation damage(sugarbearhair cheap). Vitamin B1, which is irradiated by meat at ambient temperature, has a preservation rate as low as 2%, but in a frozen state or in a low-temperature inert gas, vitamin B, There is very little damage.

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 When the temperature is lowered to -80 ° C, the preservation rate after irradiation can reach 85%. Therefore, when irradiating food, people can reduce the damage of vitamins by lowering the temperature(sugar bear hair usa). More importantly, any sterilization method will cause some loss of vitamins, and the loss of vitamins caused by radiation sterilization can be compared with the loss caused by canning or heat sterilization, and in some cases is lower.

The preservation rate of vitamin B after microwave sterilization at room temperature is 50%, while the radiation can be stored at 78% at low temperatures(sugarbearhair wholesale). The activity of vitamin K after sterilization of several vegetables in three methods of freezing, heating or irradiation (dose of 2.79 million rads) was studied, and the micrograms of vitamin K in 100 grams of food were used.

The asparagus was found to be 33 after freezing, 41 after heating, 37 after irradiation, 63 after freezing, 68 after heating, 74 after irradiation, 56 after freezing, 54 after heating, and 54 after irradiation 78(sugar bear hair stockists); green beans were 28 after freezing, 28 after heating, and 20 after irradiation; spinach was 43 after freezing, 125 after heating, and 227 after irradiation.

Not only the preservation rate of vitamins after irradiation is comparable to other sterilization methods, but also the preservation rate of vitamins after storage for a period of time is comparable(sugarbearhair wholesale price). One study compared the preservation of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) at the time of heat sterilization and radiation sterilization and after 15 months of storage.

The preservation rate of bovine liver after heating was 29%, and it was 100% after irradiation; after 15 months of storage, the former had 13% left, and the latter had 53%(sugarbearhair malaysia). The preservation rate of boneless chicken after heating was 57%, and it was 68% after irradiation; after 15 months of storage, the former had 61% left, and the latter had 85%.

The preservation rate of cabbage after heating was 94%, and it was 63% after irradiation; after 15 months of storage, 70% remained in the former and 62% in the latter(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). Since various methods will lose a certain amount of vitamins, in some cases, it is of course welcome to use radiation to prolong storage time and maintain food quality.

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