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For breastfed infants, vitamin A levels in breast milk will directly affect vitamin A levels in infants and the use of vitamin A in infants(sugarbearhair sale). The research progress on the level of vitamin A in breast milk and its influencing factors are summarized as follows. Vitamin A levels in breast milk at different lactation stages: Studies have shown that colostrum and transitional milk are rich in vitamin A. 

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According to the World Health Organization and the Chinese Nutrition Society, the recommended nutrient intakes are 375 and 300 μg retinol equivalent (RE)/d, respectively. , 1 RE = 3.33 U, can meet the needs of the baby (300μg RE / d). Souza et al(sugar bear hair manufacturer). measured the vitamin A levels in breast milk of 196 well-nourished mothers and found that the vitamin A content in breast milk was (0.50±0.24) μg/ml at 30 days postpartum.

About half of the maternal serum vitamin A in the gestation period is transmitted to the fetus through the placenta, but the vitamin A reserve is still low at birth(sugar bear hair 6 months). Understanding the content of vitamin A in breast milk at different stages of lactation is important for guiding the clinical application of vitamin A supplements. 

Vitamin A levels tend to be stable during mature milk, but some populations begin to show deficiencies, with only 0.02 μg/ml (1 μg/ml = 3.5 μmol/L) at the lowest level(cheap sugar bear hair). From the perspective of the whole lactation process, the vitamin A level in breast milk showed a significant downward trend; with the prolonged breastfeeding time, the vitamin A level of breast milk gradually decreased.

Liu Jing's determination of vitamin A levels in breast milk in Hohhot, China showed that the levels of vitamin A in colostrum, transitional milk and mature milk were (1.80±0.50), (1.61±0.45) and (0.59±0.34) μg/ml, respectively(sugarbearhair ebay). The highest level of colostrum. Jiang et al. studied vitamin A levels in different lactating breast milk in Hangzhou, Lanzhou and Beijing. 

The results also showed that the average vitamin A level in colostrum was the highest (1.469±0.709) μg/ml, the lowest in mature milk. (0.595 ± 0.516) μg / ml(sugar bear hair black friday). In Korea, a longitudinal study of 334 breast milk from 8 different urban mothers recruited between 2012 and 2015 found that retinol levels in breast milk were (0.415 ± 0.152) and (0.321) at 1 to 2 and 7 to 11 months of age, respectively. ±0.157) μg/ml (P=0.093).

The apparent retinol content of mature milk was (0.396 ± 0.196) μg/ml(sugarbearhair ireland). According to a study in Canada, the highest level of retinol in breast milk on the first day after delivery, up to (2.00±0.12) μg/ml, has rapidly decreased to (1.00±0.04) μg on the fourth day /ml, which was less than 0.50 μg/ml on the 16th day and (0.37±0.05) μg/ml on the 37th day after birth, showing a significant downward trend.

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