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The results showed that the mature milk retinol content was 0.02~1.19 and 0.09~ respectively(sugar bear hair wholesale). In 2017, Lopez-Teros et al. investigated 56 mothers and infants (3-6 months old) in Mexico and found that the average level of vitamin A in breast milk was (0.31±0.17) μg/ml, 57% of the mother's breast milk. Insufficient yellow alcohol content (<0.3 μg/ml).

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Domestic researchers Jiang et al. compared the levels of vitamin A in breast milk in three regions, such as Hangzhou, Lanzhou and Beijing(sugar bear hair wholesale price). The difference in vitamin A levels between colostrum and mature milk in three regions was not statistically significant, while vitamins in transitional milk in Hangzhou region were not statistically significant.

Greco et al. compared the different regions of Argentina's Huhui region (mainly corn) and Buenos Aires (squash-based). The A level was significantly higher than that of Lanzhou and Beijing, with a difference of 0.365 μg/m(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale)l. Two studies conducted in Hohhot showed that mature milk vitamin A levels were (0.591 ± 0.335) μg / ml, similar to the literature level (0.50 μg / ml).

Most of the research papers published in foreign countries in recent years are economically underdeveloped areas(sugar bear hair cheap). The cultural and economic levels of these regions vary, and the difference in vitamin A levels in breast milk and the proportion of mothers and infants who lack vitamin A is greater. A study in Brazil measured vitamin A levels in mature milk.

Vitamin A levels in mature milk measured in the Jujuy and Buenos Aires regions of Argentina were (0.02-1.19) and (0.09~1.94) μg/ml, respectively, and there was a lack of breast milk retinol (<0.3 μg/ The ratio of ml) was 67.4% and 26.1%, respectively(sugarbearhair europe). The liver reserve is required (>2.3 μmol/L). 1.94 μg/ml, and there are significant differences between regions and individuals. 

If 710ml of breast milk is given daily, the actual intake of vitamin A is 357.03μg RE/d(sugar bear hair phone number), according to the National Institute of Medicine (IOM) standard (400μg RE/d) and the standards of the Brazilian National Health Authority ( 375μg RE/d), infants with insufficient intake of vitamin A can reach 50.4% and 46.4%.

A study of lactating women in northwestern Mexico found that the concentration of retinol in breast milk of urban lactating women was higher than that in rural areas (0.37±0.20) and (0.26±0.15) μg/ml, P=0.028(sugarbearhair france). The average vitamin A level was (0.50±0.24) μg/ml, 20.5% of mothers and infants had vitamin A deficiency, and only 38.9% of mature milk could satisfy newborns. 

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