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The liver reserve of fetal vitamin A gradually forms during pregnancy, especially during the last 3 months of pregnancy(sugarbearhair wholesale). Therefore, premature birth is bound to have a negative impact on this process. Therefore, vitamin A levels in breast milk show significant differences at different stages of lactation, in different regions, in different populations, and between different gestational ages. 

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However, the current conclusions on the study of retinol levels in breast milk of premature mothers are not consistent(sugar bear hair usa). The researchers interpret this phenomenon as a self-regulating effect of the concentration of retinol in breast milk to meet the higher demand for retinol in preterm infants.

The compensation effect of breast milk is more important because of the insufficient vitamin A reserve at birth and the increased catabolism(sugarbearhair wholesale price). In a study of 120 pregnant women (40 mothers of premature infants and 80 full-term mothers), Souza et al found that the levels of mature milk vitamin A in premature mothers were significantly lower than those in full-term mothers (0.39±0.19).

However, Lima et al observed 58 cases of gestational age (32.1±3.5) weeks(sugar bear hair stockists), birth weight (1 903±679) g, and the retinol content in the breast milk of the mothers of different preterm infants, and found that the colostrum and transitional milk of the mother of premature infants And the concentration of retinol in mature milk were (0.81±0.30), (0.99±0.37) and (0.58±0.17)μg/ml.

Respectively, showing a trend of increasing first and then decreasing; vitamin A in mature milk of premature mothers The level was higher than that of the full-term mother, and as the premature birth rate increased(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale), the retinol level in the breast milk of different lactation showed an upward trend.

According to the currently accepted reference standard, the level of retinol in breast milk is ≥0.4μg/ml, the content is sufficient, 0.3~0.39μg/ml is marginal(sugar bear hair products), and <0.3μg/ml is lacking. And (0.53 ± 0.23) μg / ml, the actual intake of premature infants is also lower than the full-term children, but also lower than the IOM standards (217.65 ± 105.65) and (352.64 ± 152.72) μg RE / d.

The vitamin A level in breast milk is gradually gradually increased throughout lactation. The downward trend, the vitamin A content in colostrum and transition milk can basically meet the needs of infants(sugarbearhair cheap), and the mature milk retinol content has begun to show partial deficiency. In economically underdeveloped areas, the level of breast milk retinol is even less optimistic. 

Mothers can provide low levels of vitamin A in breast milk, and the proportion of vitamin A deficiency is higher. The demand for vitamin A in premature infants is also significantly higher than that in term infants(sugar bear hair website). Whether breast milk has a compensatory function to meet its higher needs still needs further study.

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