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Vitamin A intake and supplemental dose in lactating mothers and vitamin A levels in breast milk: Animal experiments have shown that serum vitamin A is transported to the breast tissue, and part of it is used as retinol by binding to retinol binding proteins(sugar bear hair wholesale). Transport; another part is transported by the combination of retinol esters and chylomicrons.

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According to the 2011 World Health Organization guidelines(sugar bear hair wholesale price), vitamin A intake in postpartum lactating women is 850 μg RE/d, but in areas where vitamin A is generally deficient, it is difficult to achieve this recommended level by food alone.(cheap sugarbearhair ebay au)

In 2012, Wang Shuangjia and others investigated the nutrient intakes of 120 lactating women in Shunyi District of Beijing at 5, 10, 30 and 180 days after birth(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). The average vitamin A intake was 650.15, 933.40, 712.70 and 556.96 μg RE. /d, both lower than the recommended intake of the Chinese Nutrition Society (1300μg RE/d).

Among them, the intake within 30 days after birth is close to the recommended intake of the World Health Organization guidelines, while the intake after 30 days is insufficient. In some foreign countries, breast-feeding mothers in countries such as Brazil(sugar bear hair cheap), Argentina, and Mexico all show varying degrees of deficiency.

(cheap sugarbearhair ebay au)Therefore, postpartum dietary supplementation and food fortification are important measures to increase maternal serum vitamin A levels and increase breast milk vitamin A levels(sugar bear hair private label). Some researchers have given large doses of vitamin A supplements to lactating women and found that this measure can increase the level of retinol in breast milk.

A study conducted in rural areas of western Kenya, which gave 400,000 U of vitamin A supplements within 24 hours of postpartum, found that vitamin A levels in breast milk at weeks 4, 14 and 26 were 0.19, 0.15 and 0.14 μg/ Ml was increased by 0.020(sugar bear hair usa), 0.022 and 0.015 μg/ml (P < 0.04) compared with the control group.

Roy et al. divided 50 low-income women in Bangladesh into a single-dose supplement of 200,000 U group and unsupplemented group. The results showed that the serum retinol content in the supplement group was significantly higher than that in the unsupplement group within 24 hours of taking vitamin supplements(sugar bear hair germany), which were 2.77 and 1.15, respectively. Μmol/L.(cheap sugarbearhair ebay au)

The difference was statistically significant in the following 3 months (1.59 and 1.33 μg/ml, respectively(sugar bear hair stockists), P < 0.05), and the corresponding two groups of breast milk in the range of retinol levels until the 6 months postpartum were statistically significant. Significance (1.06 and 0.73 μg/ml, respectively, P < 0.02).(cheap sugarbearhair ebay au)

A study in the Kolkata region of India in 2003 found that the level of retinol in breast milk was significantly higher in the supplemental group than in the control group (3.45 and 0.84 μg/ml, respectively) within 24 hours after taking the vitamin A supplement(blue sugar bear hair vitamins), and in the following 4 months. Within, the supplemental group maintained a high level.

In the early stages of lactation, infant serum vitamin A levels suddenly increase, which is currently believed to be the result of a compensatory response to the mammary gland(sugarbearhair for men). Klevor et al.'s study of women in good health in Ghana also found no significant differences in retinol concentrations in breast milk until 6 months postpartum.(cheap sugarbearhair ebay au)

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