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The study found that the level of vitamin A in breast milk of high-risk pregnant women was only half that of normal mothers(sugar bear hair cheap); the greater the pre-pregnancy body mass index, or the more weight gain during pregnancy than the normal range, the lower the level of vitamin A in breast milk (P=0.006). Other researchers have studied other factors that may affect the level of vitamin A in breast milk.(buy sugar bear hair halal dubai)

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Preterm birth not only means that the fetus has a lower vitamin A reserve in the third trimester of pregnancy, but also the malnutrition of the pregnant woman at high risk of pregnancy, which reduces the effective transport of vitamin A to the placenta(sugar bear hair private label). These factors lead to high-risk pregnancy and premature maternal breast milk vitamin A levels are only 1/3 of normal maternal (P = 0.028).

(buy sugar bear hair halal dubai)Mello-Neto et al believe that vitamin A levels in mature milk are positively correlated with iron content in breast milk, maternal work, maternal age, and oral contraceptives(sugar bear hair wholesale). Studies have found that there is a significant positive correlation between vitamin A in the mother's liver and retinol levels in the early postpartum breast milk.

Therefore, it can be considered that the richer the vitamin A reserve in the mother's liver, the higher the vitamin A content in the breast milk in the early postpartum period(sugarbearhair europe). In the early postpartum period, the vitamin A level of the mother's liver reserves slowly decreases, which is consistent with the trend of vitamin A levels in breast milk.(buy sugar bear hair halal dubai)

Current research shows that colostrum and transitional milk vitamin A levels are higher, which can basically meet the needs of infants; mature milk vitamin A levels tend to be stable, but there are large differences between different regions and individuals, and some are at the marginal level(sugar bear hair japan). Fang Fang and other studies believe that the vitamin A content in breast milk is closely related to the fat content in milk and other vitamin levels in breast milk. 

(buy sugar bear hair halal dubai)A single high-dose (200000 U) vitamin A supplement can increase maternal and breast milk vitamin A levels in pregnant or lactating mothers with poor nutritional status(sugar bear hair wholesale price). In view of the risk of poisoning in small infants supplemented with high doses of vitamin A, it may be safer for mothers to indirectly supplement large doses of vitamin A after delivery.

Vitamin A showed a gradual decline from the perspective of lactation. For high-risk pregnant mothers, the concentration of retinol in breast milk is low and does not meet the needs of infants(sugarbearhair sverige). The investigator recommends starting the supplement of vitamin A preparations on the day after the baby is born until the addition of complementary foods.(buy sugar bear hair halal dubai)

At present, infant parents and clinicians have insufficient understanding of the level of vitamin A in breast milk and its influencing factors(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). Studies have shown that the nutritional status of vitamin A in infants in China is still not ideal, suggesting that we should raise awareness of the importance of vitamin A, regulate the application of vitamin A preparations, and promote maternal and child health.

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