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Some people think that feeding a pet with the best meat can make it grow stronger(sugar bear hair usa). In fact, feeding pets in this way not only costs a lot, but also causes most pets to have diarrhea, which causes indigestion and is difficult to absorb. In order to obtain energy, pets need to break down the protein of meat; in fact, these can be obtained from carbohydrates.

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In addition, vitamins A, D, and E are also absent from meat. Under normal circumstances, if the meat is fed too much(sugar bear hair stockists), or if the pet is fed only with meat (especially from 3 months to 12 months old), the formation of bones must be faulty because of calcium and meat phosphorus. The proportion is out of balance.(cheap sugarbearhair for sale romania)

In addition, feeding only meat can also cause malnutrition in the pet and cause rickets. Regardless of whether our pets are pure or not, we need to be careful not to lose calcium from the pet period(sugar bear hair manufacturer). The lack of vitamin D in pets can not maintain the balance of calcium and phosphorus in the body, leading to bone diseases.

Therefore, we feed pets every day and have the right amount of calcium in the food. After the development period, the growth of bones and teeth is gradually stabilized, and the amount of calcium is correspondingly reduced(sugarbearhair men). Another point to note is that the pet must have proper exercise every day to get calcium absorbed. 

(cheap sugarbearhair for sale romania)Lack of calcium, teeth and bones are not normal(sugar bear hair indonesia). The main physiological function of vitamin D is to regulate the body's calcium and phosphorus metabolism, maintain the normal concentration of calcium and phosphorus in the blood, thereby promoting the calcification and normal development of teeth and bones.

Pets can develop rickets, weight loss, weight loss, anemia, tail necrosis, convulsions, etc(cheap sugar bear hair); adult pets can develop osteoporosis. Ultraviolet rays in the sun illuminate the skin of pets and can also synthesize vitamin D. Therefore, in the daily feeding process, the pets should be strengthened and the sun should be exposed.

Calcium is important for the growth of pet bones. In other words, it is less calcium and more phosphorus. Especially for pets with a large proportion of bones, calcium is more needed during pets(sugar bear hair nederland). However, in the hot summer, the main people should also pay attention to cooling the pets to prevent heatstroke.(cheap sugarbearhair for sale romania)

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