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The current vitamin AD mixture has been improved much more than the naturally extracted cod liver oil(sugarbearhair cheap). The vitamin A content in the cod liver oil widely used in China is 10 times that of vitamin D. Now the vitamin A content of the improved vitamin AD mixture is only about three times that of vitamin D.

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Significantly reduce the risk of vitamin A poisoning(sugar bear hair private label), according to the instructions recommended dose is relatively safe, and some local doctors recommend children's simple vitamin D supplements and vitamin AD supplements alternately every other day, in order to reduce the risk of vitamin A poisoning, you can follow Use by doctor.(buy sugar bear hair pink products uk)

They may have symptoms such as loss of appetite, irritability or lethargy or vomiting. For most children in non-rural areas, I personally recommend a simple supplement with vitamin D supplements(sugarbearhair wholesale). However, vitamin A deficiency in some underdeveloped regions of China, especially in rural areas, still exists. It may be reasonable to use vitamin AD mixture in these areas.

(buy sugar bear hair pink products uk)Premature infants and low birth weight infants are generally in a state of deficiency due to the small amount of vitamin A provided by the mother(sugar bear hair usa). Vitamin A supplementation has a protective effect on chronic lung disease in premature infants, and is beneficial to the cornea, vision and bone development of people with vitamin A deficiency.

Immune system development and sexual development in male children. Domestic and foreign guides recommend that the daily vitamin A supplement for infants aged 0~3 years does not exceed 2000~2333 IU(sugarbearhair wholesale price). Among the commonly used AD mixture in China, the vitamin A content has reached 1500~2000 units. Normal infants and young children are rich in vitamin A.

For example, infants who have eaten animal liver and take vitamin AD mixture may cause vitamin A poisoning. Therefore, the use of AD mixture should pay more attention to the risk of vitamin A poisoning(sugar bear hair stockists). Remember the location of the sun: empty, no shade under the shade of tall buildings or under the roof of the sunny sun.(buy sugar bear hair pink products uk)

For example, under the shade of the park's empty road, there is a ray of sunshine passing through. The house is exposed to the sun through the window glass. This is a misunderstanding(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). The window glass can absorb most of the UV-B. The sun shining through the glass can not promote the skin to synthesize vitamin D.

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