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Normal adults generally do not need extra vitamin supplements(sugar bear hair halal). Priority is given to the use of other vitamin D-rich foods such as sunbathing, dairy products, etc. to ensure a daily vitamin D requirement of 600 to 800 units. Vitamin D is mainly stored in the liver and fat, and the half-life of 25-OH-vitamin D is very long, nearly one month.

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It is recommended to sunbathe outdoors on weekends or vacations, and expose the face and upper or lower limbs weekly(sugar bear hair black hair). At least 10,000 units of vitamin D can be produced by sun exposure for 1 to 2 hours under the sparse shade of 10:00 to 15:00, and quickly transferred to the liver and adipose tissue for storage.(sugar bear hair vitamins buy online greece)

For work or other reasons, the sun is almost invisible throughout the year. It is recommended to add more than 600 units of vitamin D per day. If you are still elderly, you should add more(sugar bear hair manufacturer). This group of people recommends testing for serum 25-OH-vitamin D levels by a physician to assess the dose of additional vitamin D supplementation.

(sugar bear hair vitamins buy online greece)As long as the vitamin D reserves are sufficient, it is not necessary to supplement vitamin D every day. Because the current guidelines recommend daily supplementation of vitamin D400 units for infants under one year of age(sugarbearhair romania). If the baby's diet and milk volume are sufficient, there is a risk of excess vitamin A. Excessive vitamin A can easily lead to poisoning.

For children with a healthy diet, there is no need to add extra calcium because many things contain calcium. It is recommended that doctors assess whether there is calcium deficiency(sugarbear hair vitamins price). Foreign guidelines recommend that children with calcium deficiency over 2 years of age have an additional calcium supplement of about 500 mg.

Calcium tablets can be taken with vitamin D. Many commercially available preparations are calcium tablets and vitamin D. Need to see the baby's age(cheap sugar bear hair). You need to calculate how much milk the baby is drinking a day to calculate whether it needs to be replenished. One-year-old children have significantly increased outdoor activities.(sugar bear hair vitamins buy online greece)

For healthy infants under one year of age, 400 units of vitamin D are required. Infants who drink more than 800ml of formula can supplement 350 units of vitamin D, which can basically meet the demand(sugar bear vitamins amazon), but the amount of milk consumed every day is unstable, so domestic and foreign guidelines recommend additional vitamin D.

(sugar bear hair vitamins buy online greece)If the daily milk volume reaches 500ml or more, and the scientific sun exposure time is enough, no additional supplement is needed. However, the older domestic guidelines recommend vitamin D 400 units to be added to 2 years of age(oem sugar bear hair vitamins). The supplement of children over 2 years old needs to be analyzed according to the child's sun exposure.

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