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It is generally believed that 125 micrograms can cause poisoning(sugar bear hair wholesale). For women who do need to take vitamin D preparations, they should be strictly in accordance with the doctor's advice to prevent excessive poisoning. Vitamin D is abundant in animal liver, cod liver oil, milk, egg yolk and squid, tuna and other marine fish, and can eat more.

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In addition, if you can adhere to the sun, you can meet most of the vitamin D needed by the body. Just expose your hands and feet to 30 cm and soak in the sun for 30 minutes(sugar bear hair cheap). The demand for vitamin D in women during pregnancy and lactation will increase significantly. Therefore, more attention should be paid to sun exposure.(sugarbearhair 6 month for sale arabic)

Women over the age of 40, leg cramps, frequent staying up late, pregnancy and lactation should be more exposed to the sun. Vitamin D is involved in calcium and phosphorus metabolism and promotes bone growth(sugar bear hair private label). The level of "human 25-hydroxyvitamin D" (25-OH-D) in plasma can well reflect the state of vitamin D in the body.

(sugarbearhair 6 month for sale arabic)This year's newly published study by the Institute of Nutritional Sciences of the Shanghai Institute of Life Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (referred to as the Institute of Nutrition, Shanghai Institute of Biosciences(sugar bear hair wholesale price), Chinese Academy of Sciences) and the Fudan University Affiliated Tumor Hospital and Xuhui District Central Hospital showed that vitamin supplements were added.

For example, try to do housework on the balcony and go out on sunny days. D can prevent breast cancer. The researchers monitored plasma vitamin D levels in 593 female breast cancer patients and 580 healthy women in Shanghai(sugarbearhair europe). The results showed that vitamin D deficiency was common, with only 4.8% of healthy women and 0.7% of breast cancer patients. Vitamin D is sufficient.(sugarbearhair 6 month for sale arabic)

The number of breast cancer patients with severe vitamin D deficiency is as high as 96.1%. Vitamin D deficiency is significantly associated with the occurrence of breast cancer in women in China(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). In this study population, for every 1 ng/mL increase in plasma levels of 25-OH-D, the risk of breast cancer was reduced by 16%.(sugarbearhair 6 month for sale arabic)

Therefore, supplementation of vitamin D to normal-weight premenopausal women can reduce the risk of breast cancer. To this end, we believe that correcting the lack of vitamin D and maintaining appropriate levels of vitamin D can help prevent breast cancer(sugar bear hair company). The recommended daily intake of vitamin D in adults in China is 5 micrograms, which is limited to no more than 20 micrograms.

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