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Broccoli is a cross-flower family and is recommended to rank fourth among the top ten health foods(sugarbearhair sa). It contains more vitamin C, higher than Chinese cabbage, tomato and celery. It is not only beneficial to the growth and development of the baby, but more importantly, it can improve the immune function of the human body.

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Carrots are rich in carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, folic acid, calcium and dietary fiber(sugarbearhair au). The combination of the two, nutrient elements are more abundant, broccoli can improve the baby's immune function, carrots can not only help the baby to add vitamin C, but also protect the baby's vision.

The ingredients of this complementary food all seem ordinary, but they are rich in nutrients. They can also solve the bad habits of the baby not eating vegetables(sugar bear hair manufacturer). Moms will do it quickly! The amount of ingredients only represents the amount of production, not the baby's vitamins. The amount added.

Prepare all ingredients. Broccoli containing vitamins is boiled in boiling water and cooked over water. carrots are clean, peeled, cut into fine. broccoli and carrots cut into the end(sugar bear hair miami). Filter the egg whites containing the vitamins. Stir the egg yolk evenly. Pour the flour, broccoli, and carrots containing vitamins into the egg mixture, add a small amount of water, mix and stir.

Slowly bake the cake with a small fire. Wait until the cake is solidified, push it with a single touch, and turn it over to continue cooking. Finally, a vitamin-rich broccoli carrot cake is completed. Baby food supplement small class 1(cheap sugar bear hair). When stirring the egg liquid, it is necessary to add water, and the batter is stirred to be slightly viscous.

Mix and mix to form a batter. It can also enhance your baby's physique and increase your ability to resist disease. Give a bigger baby to eat, you can also add some salt or sugar to increase the taste(sugarbearhair australia). The cake should be spread as small as possible, and it is convenient for the baby to take it on the hand.

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