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When the sheep's feed lacks carrots or vitamin A, it is easy to cause vitamin A deficiency. 1. Symptoms: a. The diseased sheep lacking vitamin A, especially the lamb, the earliest symptom is night blindness(sugar bear hair wholesale). It is often found that when the morning, evening or moonlight is dim, the sheep are blind, the obstacles are moving, or the action is slow, be careful.

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Caution; b, abnormal bones, compression and deformation of the brain and spinal cord, atrophy of epithelial cells, often followed by salivary gland inflammation, urolithiasis, nephritis, and accessory eye gland(sugar bear hair wholesale price); c. The dry eye of the sick lamb is particularly prominent, resulting in thickening of the cornea and formation of a cloud.(buy sugar bear hair gummy vitamins australia)

d, pregnant ewes produce weak lambs and blinking or eye deformities, limb dysplasia, difficulty walking, dyskinesia lamb (commonly known as rickets). e, age-appropriate ewes appear repeatedly infertile, long-term empty mind(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). f, lamb (2 ~ 3 months old) will have paroxysmal convulsions, walking east and west. 

(buy sugar bear hair gummy vitamins australia)2, prevention: a, strengthen the management of feed, prevent feed fever, mold and oxidation, to ensure that vitamin A is not destroyed.b. In the winter feed, there should be silage or carrots(sugar bear hair cheap). The hay stored in autumn should be green. For long-term feeding of yellow hay, cod liver oil should be added properly.

c. Feeding special vitamins for cattle and sheep. 3, treatment: a, oral cod liver oil to the sick lamb, 20-30 ml each time(sugar bear hair stockists). b. Add green feed and cod liver oil to the diet, which can be cured quickly. c, vitamin AD injection 2-4ml.(buy sugar bear hair gummy vitamins australia)

Usage: One-time intramuscular injection of calves, once a day for 3 days, and sheep for 0.5-1ml. d, Atractylodes 25g, pine needle 25g, Platycladus orientalis 25g(sugar bear hair usa). Usage: powder, mix, feed once a day, once a day, even for a few days. e. Stop feeding the cottonseed cake immediately, intramuscularly with vitamin AD needle, 2 ml twice a day, once every other day.

46.8*6=280.8 international units. Since it can't exceed the upper limit of 2331 IU of vitamin A(sugarbearhair walgreens), it should be supplemented with pure D3 (in the summer, the sun is 1-2 hours in the shade, you can not add pure D3).

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