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The baby needs a variety of nutrients in the process of growing up, of which vitamin C is the vitamin that the body needs most(sugarbearhair malaysia). Because the human body lacks an enzyme that converts glucose into vitamin C in the body, it needs to supplement vitamin C from food to maintain the body's needs. Here are the moms and dads to find out how to make vitamin C promote your baby's health.

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What is the role of vitamin C? Vitamin C is important for the healthy growth of your baby and can be used in a variety of metabolic processes in your baby's body, including the formation and repair of red blood cells, bones and tissues(sugarbearhair wholesale). It can keep your baby's gums healthy, strengthen blood vessels, reduce bruises during falls and bruises, control infections, and promote wound healing.

(sugar bear hair products on amazon dubai)It can enhance the function of the baby's immune system and help the baby resist the invasion of the flu virus. It can help your baby absorb iron and calcium in food effectively, so eating a piece of fruit every meal is good for your baby's growth and development(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). Many foods contain vitamin C, so vitamin deficiency is rare. 

However, if the baby's diet is not balanced, the lack of vitamin C in the food may cause scurvy in the baby. The symptoms of the disease are joint pain, fatigue, bleeding or inflammation of the gums(sugarbearhair cheap). Historically, many people in British water have had scurvy because they seldom eat vegetables and fruits during long sea voyages.(sugar bear hair products on amazon dubai)

Later in 1747, Dr. James linked the lack of fresh vegetables and fruits to scurvy. Since then, British ships have loaded a large number of oranges before sailing to ensure an adequate supply of vitamin C to the crew(sugarbearhair europe). This is why the British are still called "British cockroaches" (English for Limeys, which means people who eat lime).

The recommended intake of vitamin D is 10ug*40=400 international units, and the upper limit of intake is 20*40=800 international units. If the baby of 1-4 years old is pure milk powder feeding (the nutrition of the 2 sections of milk powder and the 3 sections of milk powder are similar), the amount of milk per day is about 600 ml(sugar bear hair 3 months), and the intake of vitamin A is 263*6=1578 international units, and vitamin D3 is ingested.

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