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During this time, through the community, I learned that parents have many questions about how to add vitamins A and D3 at different ages(sugar bear hair usa). What is the difference between vitamin AD and pure vitamin D3? How to distinguish between supplements for breastmilk and formula milk? The social statement is not uniform, I will do a deep analysis with professional books.

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First, vitamin A is extracted from cod liver oil, which helps maintain normal visual function, has anti-respiratory infection, helps the immune system function properly(cheap sugar bear hair), maintains the health of tissues and organs, maintains skin, hair, teeth, gums. Health. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, and excessive use can often cause accumulation of poisoning.(sugar bear hair black friday sale europe)

The source of vitamin D3 is mainly through skin contact with sunlight or from food. Most foods do not contain vitamin D3, which is relatively high in marine fish with high fat, animal liver, and vitamin D in egg yolks and cream(sugar bear hair 6 months). Helps growth and bone calcification, promotes healthy teeth, and enhances the body's absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

(sugar bear hair black friday sale europe)Vitamin D3 is also a fat-soluble vitamin, which can also cause poisoning if taken over a long period of time. So how many vitamin A and vitamin D3 do babies of different ages need? The upper limit of intake is 20ug*40=800 international units(sugar bear hair stockists). If it is exclusively breast-fed, then one of Yikexin can meet the needs of vitamin A and D3. 

The unit conversion here, vitamin D3: 1ug = 40 international units, vitamin A: 1ug = 3.33 international unit RNI is the recommended intake(sugarbearhair sale), UL is the intake The upper limit we can see, 0-6 months of babies, vitamin A recommended intake is 300ug * 3.33 = 999 international units, the upper limit of intake is 600ug * 3.33 = 1998 international units.

The recommended intake of vitamin D3 is 10ug*40=400 international units(sugar bear hair manufacturer). The amount does not need to be supplemented with pure vitamin D 3.6 months - 1 year old baby, the recommended intake of vitamin A is 350ug * 3.33 = 1165.5 international units, the upper limit of intake is 600ug * 3.33 = 1998 international units.(sugar bear hair black friday sale europe)

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